Sunday, May 07, 2006

free beer!

man. i just have been writing about the "incident" that happened to me last weekend.

if i haven't seen you since then or if you didn't hear i got beat up in my neighborhood last Friday and all they took from me was the case of beer i was walking home from Hum's with. not my wallet, phone or spendy digital camera that was in my bag. they gave me a good ol' fashioned beat down for a case of Budweiser! dicks!

i just wrote a big long thing since i been getting a lot of questions and support about it. but instead i'm saying fuck it. there's no need.

the reality is i biked around the neighborhood yesterday and went to "the spot" that it happened, 22nd and Harriet.

i thought i'd get some sort of flashbacks or "negative energies" or some such. sure i am a lot more cautitious walking around and a little nervous anytime i see a Somli teenager walking around in a hooded jacket. but the truth is the neighborhood is all smiles.

all i could see and feel were all the lilacs springing up everywhere. my cat fell off my porch i think from just thier strong scent. purple haze indeed!

anyone's welcome to bask in their glow. they don't last long and i am going to be moving the end of the month anyway. so come over! on our porch the beer is always free!


Blogger Kristine said...

man, i'm sorry to hear you got beat up. that's just shitty. though i am glad it wasn't worse and you're moving on and enjoying the beautiful things around you.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Spamothy said...

Hey Danny,

Oh man, there are no lilacs in Cali! They're the one flower I really really miss. The bulbs need the severe cold of the winter to germinate or something. Whatever it is, we may have bird of paradise all year long, but we get nary a lilac never.

Sorry to hear about your recent troubles, but pleased to see that your sunny disposition has helped you get beyond it quickly.


Tim W.

2:07 PM  
Blogger purple rĂ©na said...

sorry to hear about the jump. i hope all is ok otherwise. someday i'll bump into you, i haven't seen you in years!

5:29 PM  
Blogger beernut said...

Man oh Man, That really sucks! They took the whole case????

11:59 AM  

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