Sunday, May 07, 2006

free beer!

man. i just have been writing about the "incident" that happened to me last weekend.

if i haven't seen you since then or if you didn't hear i got beat up in my neighborhood last Friday and all they took from me was the case of beer i was walking home from Hum's with. not my wallet, phone or spendy digital camera that was in my bag. they gave me a good ol' fashioned beat down for a case of Budweiser! dicks!

i just wrote a big long thing since i been getting a lot of questions and support about it. but instead i'm saying fuck it. there's no need.

the reality is i biked around the neighborhood yesterday and went to "the spot" that it happened, 22nd and Harriet.

i thought i'd get some sort of flashbacks or "negative energies" or some such. sure i am a lot more cautitious walking around and a little nervous anytime i see a Somli teenager walking around in a hooded jacket. but the truth is the neighborhood is all smiles.

all i could see and feel were all the lilacs springing up everywhere. my cat fell off my porch i think from just thier strong scent. purple haze indeed!

anyone's welcome to bask in their glow. they don't last long and i am going to be moving the end of the month anyway. so come over! on our porch the beer is always free!