Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marker Park.

good god i can't wait for spring! it is starting to warm up. like warm enough that you don't have to wear mittens kinda weather. but no point in bitching about it i suppose.

my friend's Jay and Dacia just moved to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.

Jay and i had a monthly deejay night at the King and I that has been a lot of fun the last couple of years. it was always a chill affair, spinning tunes and enjoying fine thai cuisine. we also had some great late night bike excursions around the city. another reason i am wanting spring, to get back on my bike.

i am not like those crazy Minneapolitans you see biking around all winter in sub-zero weather. but part of cruising the streets and alleys was our love for the graffiti around these parts. Jay started a blog, Marker Park, where we will post some of our favorite artists. particularily the "pringles guy" that has been blowing up awesome pieces around here the last couple years now.


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