Saturday, March 18, 2006

3 year anniversary of Iraq Invasion protest in Uptown, Minneapolis

4000 people marched along Hennepin Ave and up to the Basillica where the bells were ringing..

Friday, March 10, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my man, Kirby.

man. Kirby Puckett, gone. really gone.

i guess Kirby was kinda like the Elvis of baseball in a way, no?

i have no idea what he was into since he retired. i knew and i guess tried to ignore all the stuff about wife beating and harrassing chicks in bars.

whatever. if i loved baseball and was as good at as he and got beamed in the eye and had to retire prematurely because of it i probably would do worse..

i loved the Twins back in the day. i saw both the '87 and '91 victories with my Dad and brothers. hundreds of games with friends. my cousin was a batboy for them in the 80's and knew him well.
he kicked so much ass hitting and fielding you really felt you were getting a show whenever you watched him and the team.

plus how cool was it that he never left town even though he got barrels of offers?!
i remember patting him on the head during the '87 victory parade downtown. i was in 8th grade and we got out of class for it.

there was miles of confetti everywhere. all the players wore fur coats because Ribnick flipped the bill.

Kirby was wearing one of those red baron type leather hats. he was all smiles and loving it!
i have nothing but awesome memories of that lil dude!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marker Park.

good god i can't wait for spring! it is starting to warm up. like warm enough that you don't have to wear mittens kinda weather. but no point in bitching about it i suppose.

my friend's Jay and Dacia just moved to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.

Jay and i had a monthly deejay night at the King and I that has been a lot of fun the last couple of years. it was always a chill affair, spinning tunes and enjoying fine thai cuisine. we also had some great late night bike excursions around the city. another reason i am wanting spring, to get back on my bike.

i am not like those crazy Minneapolitans you see biking around all winter in sub-zero weather. but part of cruising the streets and alleys was our love for the graffiti around these parts. Jay started a blog, Marker Park, where we will post some of our favorite artists. particularily the "pringles guy" that has been blowing up awesome pieces around here the last couple years now.