Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

it's been a while since i have posted on here.

i guess i been living more an analog existence. that is actually my new year's resolution. well at least to hand write more letters. i am also planning an "Analog Week" of shows and parties and fun analog activities in February.

lately i have been having late night VHS movie marathons with my roommates. Brian has a great collection of shit he recorded back in the day.

there was an amazing Gun and Roses concert from MTV from 1987. i hadn't seen it in forever and it reminded why i really liked them then. some Huskers stuff, tons of 'Mats videos. various R.E.M., Hendrix and a solo Robert Plant concert from the "mullet" era.

2005 was a crap year for a lot of people. the world as a whole had a crap 2005.

but for me and my family it's been amazing. i am super busy and doing cool shit that i like to do.

for me personally there were ups and downs. but in the end i brought in the new year pretty chill. dancing to 80's music with my Grumpy's friends. Joel played great tunes all night!

today i slept in and went out to the folks to hang with my brothers, sister in law, parents and nephew.


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