Sunday, November 20, 2005


my friend Susan interviewed me last week while i was working at the record store. i have known her and her husband, Chris, for a couple years now at least. they are regulars at Staraoke as well.

it was a little odd as i barely know her, didn't know what she was going to ask me and i was working and people were coming in and out of the store while i was basically divulging my life's philosophies to her mp3 recorded.

she has been doing this podcast show for a while now and got me to do this. i like a good challenge and the opportunity to riff on philosophy isn't something you get to do that often. not since college for me really.

i also find i funny that i often don't talk about this kind of stuff to those close to me but somehow thought it was cool to say to potentially any number of folks that can download her show.

wanting to be a little more myself on the radio i thought it was a good excercise for me. if i wasn't usually so nervous and/or tired sometimes i think i could riff a little more on various things on the air. in due time i suppose.

regardless this probably wouldn't be the type of stuff i would talk about on the radio. "next up a track from the new Guided By Voices box set, but first let me tell you what i think might be the meaning of god and spiritual collective unconciousness.."


Blogger Susan Grandys said...

Heh! It is a very enjoyable show.
I think you would do fine chatting more on the radio. The last line made me laugh - I could see you doing this!

6:14 PM  

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