Tuesday, November 29, 2005


really dug the Sinead O'Connor show last night.

i love her voice and i love Sly and Robbie, so the combination of the two was fantastic. the band was dynamite really!

i had a rough day Sunday so needed the pick me up. i suppose the show was all sorts of things for me then. there was a definite spiritual energy in the room as she pretty much stuck to all the reggae tunes she did on her new record. most of which are rastafarian anthems, so to speak. "Jah No Dead", "Downpressor Man", and "Curly Locks" were highlights. and "War" was one song that stuck out as i had seen Bob's son, Damian Marley, perform the same song on the same stage two nights prior. a timely song no doubt.

Sinead is a tiny woman and i have no idea where all that sound comes from but she manages to command her voice like not many i have seen before. it is stunning to watch up front.

i got a set list signed by her after the show. she was really nice and cordial to all the admirerers waiting in line. i thanked her profusely for playing in that club. i had to keep my hands in pockets so i wouldn't pat her on her cute little bald head!

early Sunday morning i got an email while deejaying the Saturday overnight from a soldier from Saint Paul who is stationed in Baghdad right now and was listening on-line. he wanted to hear some Dead Milkman. i gladly played "Punk Rock Girl" for him.

the next day i saw this headline in the paper. it freaked me out. it wasn't the same Saint Paul soldier but it was the first time i felt a direct connection to someone over there and a personal feeling of loss. i can't imagine what these 2000+ families are going through.

in any case i hope my new friend, Erik, makes it back. maybe we can drive around together this summer in a bitchin' camaro!


Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Sinead? I prefer classical.

2:50 PM  
Blogger purple rĂ©na said...

I think it's great you were able to meet her. Everything I've read recently speaks of the "spiritual" thing. I'm happy she didn't 'retire' that voice!

The Iraq story is interesting in that I would never have thought about soldiers listening online. Times they are a changin....

10:38 AM  

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