Thursday, November 17, 2005

say shhhivering!

spent the last few nights at First Ave. to see the "Pour Me Another"tour with Atmosphere, Blueprint and P.O.S.

a 3-night sell out in the Mainroom! holy shit!

aside from being a fan and down for the cause since the begininng i have a lot of history with these guys.

first as the DJ and MD at Radio K back in the day. i remember my friend Simon coming with a Headshots tape Slug had sent us and the repeated times he used to call and harass female on-air dj's. we had him on in various incarnations through our time there. i remember a session with Happy Apple as his back up band standing out as a time i was like holy shit this guy is awesome or at least something totally new.

time went on and i started working more with the Rhyme Sayers label as a sub distributor from the Electric Fetus where Sean worked behind the counter as well. we were selling so many copies of the first few releases on Rhymesayers regionally we were writing checks to these guys weekly, sometimes two a week. eventually Fifth Element took off and Atmosphere was on the road so much he eventually left the record store.

now Fifth Element owns their whole building. have added a second floor and the label is off in seemingly all directions.

the last time i can think of anyone selling out the Mainroom 3 nights in a row was the first Suburbs re-union in '93?! and something tells me this was a different kind of crowd.

i saw this tour start off in Duluth in early September. that show was a little rough but you could tell the band was excited to get this thing off and out to the people.

by the time they would return this week they were a tight unit no doubt. Slug is so effortless with his delivery it sounds like he is making it up or like he is just speaking gibberish. but then you look around and everyone is mouthing the words along.

Erik Johnson playing keyboards, who is from St. Paul, was over the top incredible. and "Grandmaster" Nate Collis on guitar MADE the show. his playing and singing, particularily the gospel lines on "Get Fly" had me shivering. wow!

the kicker each night was always the transition from the "band" set to when Ant came out and Crescent Moon came out from behind the bar for "Trying to Find a Balance". as soon as that beat drops in the beginning after the first verse everyone goes nuts.

it wasn't until the 3rd night that Slug figured out it would be a good idea to invite Brother Ali for "Cats Vans Bags". but holy shit was it sick.

now. i am just shivering because it is really frickin' cold!


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