Thursday, October 27, 2005

a poet and i didn't even know it.

wow. i officially can add "published poet" to my resume!!

check out page 15 of the hard copy of this week's City Pages. or online here.

i guess my official 'pen name' is "Daniel Scott".

the Soul Asylum show with Tommy Stinson on bass was a lot of fun. it wasn't orgasmic rock and roll by any stretch but they sounded great. you can imagine a rhythm section between Tommy and Michael Bland being pretty fierce. i am looking forward to seeing this lineup again. hopefully they will know more songs by then, particularily older ones from "The Horse they Rode in On". i am content to say that is my favorite record of theirs. "Cartoon" and "Summer of Drugs" sounded awesome though!

Dan Corrigan was snapping pictures as per usual. why on earth does this guy not have several volumes of books of his pictures out?!

Eleganza! is rocking the Entry for Halloween this year. we learned a Sly and the Family Stone tune i never thought i would ever be playing in a band, not too mention "The Monster Mash". how fun is that?!

it promises to be craziness!


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