Friday, October 07, 2005


pretty bitchin': Soul Asylum playing two shows in the Entry with Tommy Stinson on bass! can't say i ever saw Soul Asylum in the Entry before. tix sold out in like one hour. i hope i can get my paws on one.

not even close to bitchin': the new "Big Star" CD, "In Space". really quite sad is perhaps a better way to describe it. though i could only make it through about two and half songs. perhaps the rest of the record is a "real rocker!!"?!

tonight i am seeing this band The Double in the Entry. i missed them last time they came through town. i was actually at the show as they were opening for Sons and Daughters, who were excellent!

someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey Danny, remember me!?". i did, it was this dude Jeff McCleod. he was the younger brother of the McCleod twins who i went to elementary, junior high and high school with. actually they were a year younger than me but they were so unfricken-believably smart i think they were in a lot of my grade's classes.

anyway. i'd see young Jeff always around hangin' at shows and parties and such in the 90's until he graduated high school and moved out east to become a rock star. who knew he started a band out there and they have a new record out now on Matador Records!?

it really is quite bitchin'!


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