Monday, October 10, 2005

analog week?!

hey y'all! just an advance warning and a call for submissions!

i want to impose a week of solely analog sources of entertainment and means of communication upon myself. i could explain more but it's long and kinda weird and/or boring.but at this point i am looking to see if anybody wants to join the parade.. it's only a week afterall!

also, i am looking for other ideas as to why this would ever be something anyone would ever think is a good idea to do(assuming that it is).

in reality at this point i don't really know why i am obsessed with the idea. but i feel i have a couple of months to suss it out.

in any case. i am thinking that it won't happen until December or January even. analog week seems like a real winter thing to me.

anyway. i wil stop boring you if you are still reading this. just feel free to comment or repost on your blog and let's see what the wacky world wide web thinks of the idea!


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