Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"they're tyrin' to wash us away".

scratch that.

i know exactly how i feel about seeing another white politican or "director" of something give another press confrence. i am very definate in my feelings about that. i will let you guess my feelings about that.

so Fri. nite i got a pair of tickets from MPR to go to the "Prairie Home Companion" at the State Fair. they recorded the show Fri. nite to broadcast this weekend.

i have never seen the show being recorded or a concert in the Grandstand so this was a perfect opportunity all around.

i love radio. i love the idea of live radio. i always thought it'd be cool to do our version of Garrison Keillor when we were at Radio K in Rarig Center. they have an enormous theater in the building after all.

regrdless, this was incredible. in particular was the tribute to New Orleans. Pat Donohue doing Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927" brought the whole Grandstand to tears. i highly encourage y'all to listen to it.

the Dirty Dozen Brass Band were on as well and this to me was the music i think of when i think of New Orleans and made things uplifting like only brass band music can. they were on tour on there way home when they got a call that they couldn't come home. so they came up here and rocked!

the birthplace of American music fo' sho'.


Blogger bingsy said...

extremely jealous of the Prairie Home Companion taping

Can I flaunt that I've been to a few Austin City Limits taping sessions - and we can call it even?

9:59 PM  
Blogger Danny Scott said...

cool! who did you see on ACL?

12:27 PM  

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