Sunday, August 28, 2005

jack white portrait of mike.

my buddy Mike Helget had front row seats for the White Stripes second show this weekend.

i went the first night. Mike and his wife, Karen, went both nights. when it comes to bands they love they are diehard rock and rollers. Mike has Stones' lips tattooed to his arm. Karen has the Pink Floyd prism on her back. together they follow the band Gomez who they love to Beatlemania extremes. they have seen them over a dozen times, have scrapbooks of photos and are considering a $4000 "jam band cruise" they are playing.

so at last night's show Jack White comes out on stage with a polaroid camera and snaps picks of the crowd. himself. Meg. his collection of native american dolls he has displayed on his amp, etc.. and tosses them out to the crowd. he snapped a pic of Mike who was in the front row and handed him the photo.

i thought the show friday was amazing. i was in need of a good rock and roll show in a nice theatre, i have seen dozens of great shows in the Orpheum. The White Stripes did not dissapoint and really kinda blew me away.

i took home a cool tee shirt and a little tee for my nephew, it has a picture of a bishop holding hands with the devil on it. the first night Mike went all out and bought one of the spendy 45rpm record boxes they were selling, it has the same art design "apple" motiff the band had as the backdrop of the stage. he claims he has enough 'Stripes singles to fill it. hella cool! but certainly this is the coolest thing i could think of as a momento of the show is this pic.

thanks Jack and Meg for being so frickin' cool!


Blogger Chuck Olsen said...



6:12 PM  
Anonymous Chuck T. said...

Oh, that is a beautiful specimen of Helget in full rock bloom. Few people love the rock and roll like Mr. Rock and Roll.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Lulu said...

This is insane!! I was googling the White Stripes and this page happened to come up! and who do I see but none other than MR. ROCK AND ROLL himself! I am one of the people that love Gomez as much as they do! In fact, I spent some time back in April traveling with Mike and Karen to see Gomez.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Mike H said...

It had to be one of my coolest rock and roll moments ever -- not quite as cool as closing down the bar with Gomez last spring, but it was still great. So great, in fact, that as soon as we got home we ordered tickets to see the White Stripes in Milwaukee 9/8 ... now Karen's trying to convince me that since we're going to be on the road anyway that we might as well make the jaunt over to Indianapolis on 9/9. I figure if we do that one we might as well go the extra 175 miles and make the Columbus, OH show on 9/10. Not only that, but a friend called me the other day and offered me a FREE ticket to the Rolling Stones tomorrow night (9/6)! I've seen them at least 15 times and the tickets were so expensive that I wasn't even going to see them again, but how can I turn down the free ticket?!? So I have Stones Tuesday and White Stripes on Thur, Fri and Sat. Sounds like a good rock and roll week.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Danny Scott said...

like i said, Karen and Mike are rock and rollers like no other i know. there are no others!

1:56 AM  
Anonymous rabidog said...

that's a freakin awesome photo!!! crazy as usual! you all are inspiration for me to get off my ass this summer and see some shows. :)

i've missed you all these past few months, but it looks like all is well. see ya soon!

7:01 PM  

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