Thursday, July 07, 2005

that is all the people need to know!

my good friend, Karl Raschke, has a great write up in the City Pages this week.
i first met Karl while we were both in Art school at the U. since then he and some other friends started the wicked Creative Electric Gallery i am always talking about. he is one of the most creative and nicest cats i know. he does some amazing photography.
of course when i first met Karl all i could talk about was his Dad, the legendary wrestler "Baron Von Raschke". it still comes up constantly. Karl is always happy to humor me it seems. he has a ton of great stories.
he once told me a story of how the Baron got his famous tag-line. once while doing an interview he got into his standard "wrestler rant", going off on the announcer and any potental opponents, growling fiendishly at the camera. near the end he was at a loss for words and finished with his claw and spontaneously spouted "and that is all the people need to know!"
growing up i loved AWA wrestling. we used to watch it when we came home from Sunday hebrew school every week. the Baron's move "the claw" was famous for taking out his opponents. it was consistently appropriated in our household amongst myself and my brothers as well.
i finally met the Baron a few summer's ago at a chili cook off of all places!


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