Wednesday, July 27, 2005

merge the 'chunk the iggy.

if there is one american band that i have dug from the beginning and will likely continue to do so until the end of time other than Yo La Tengo it is Superchunk.

it is likely because i was in my first year of college that i found out about them and they had both sorta had "breakthrough" records at that time("Painful" and "No Pocky") that i feel this way. but i would say in terms of longevity for whatever reason and their abilities to sustain what they set out to do it kind of puts them both at the top for me.

so i see
Merge Records(the label that Superchunk started) are having their 15th Anniversary!

how cool is that.

the first time i saw Superchunk or even really heard them was when their record "on the mouth" came out. my friend Dan took me to see them play at Northern Lights on University. they signed posters and were really nice but i also remember the bass player, Laura, was too cool for school to play.

so she sat on the side and laughed at the other three fumble through some "acoustic" versions(which in hind sight is very funny).

i remeber them doing "cast iron" after our friend Chris requested it. i saw them that same night in the
7th Street Entry. needless to say it was incredible.(not as good as Stereolab in the Entry!)

tonight i watched a
DVD of a recent Stooges reunion show.

i am not going to say i am not a fan of the Stooges but i am not the die hard that a lot of people are. for me i only knew a few of their songs. i guess i've never really dived into their catalog. but what do you really need to know really i suppose?!

in any case, it is AMAZING! Mike Watt is on bass, so again, there's no question to how cool this is. except to be at the show i suppose it really isn't any cooler. you sort of feel a pride for rock and roll watching it. there is a heartwarming "speech" by Mike Watt as an extra on there too.

my friend,
John Kass, was at this show and to him it is the greatest show he has ever been to. (that's a picture of him at that show 8/13/03)

mine is Tom Waits at the State for "mule variations", but then i am kind of a simp'.


Blogger brucio said...

my man
there are three brilliant stooges albums
the stooges
fun house
raw power
i think you should buy them, and listen to them in order
for me it is a mind blowing experience

11:31 AM  
Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

ahh i have fond youthful 'chunk nostalgia as well. i don't think i saw that entry show though. nor did i see them at the Uptown. i think i first saw them open for Teenage Fanclub in the mainroom.

3:06 PM  

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