Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

merge the 'chunk the iggy.

if there is one american band that i have dug from the beginning and will likely continue to do so until the end of time other than Yo La Tengo it is Superchunk.

it is likely because i was in my first year of college that i found out about them and they had both sorta had "breakthrough" records at that time("Painful" and "No Pocky") that i feel this way. but i would say in terms of longevity for whatever reason and their abilities to sustain what they set out to do it kind of puts them both at the top for me.

so i see
Merge Records(the label that Superchunk started) are having their 15th Anniversary!

how cool is that.

the first time i saw Superchunk or even really heard them was when their record "on the mouth" came out. my friend Dan took me to see them play at Northern Lights on University. they signed posters and were really nice but i also remember the bass player, Laura, was too cool for school to play.

so she sat on the side and laughed at the other three fumble through some "acoustic" versions(which in hind sight is very funny).

i remeber them doing "cast iron" after our friend Chris requested it. i saw them that same night in the
7th Street Entry. needless to say it was incredible.(not as good as Stereolab in the Entry!)

tonight i watched a
DVD of a recent Stooges reunion show.

i am not going to say i am not a fan of the Stooges but i am not the die hard that a lot of people are. for me i only knew a few of their songs. i guess i've never really dived into their catalog. but what do you really need to know really i suppose?!

in any case, it is AMAZING! Mike Watt is on bass, so again, there's no question to how cool this is. except to be at the show i suppose it really isn't any cooler. you sort of feel a pride for rock and roll watching it. there is a heartwarming "speech" by Mike Watt as an extra on there too.

my friend,
John Kass, was at this show and to him it is the greatest show he has ever been to. (that's a picture of him at that show 8/13/03)

mine is Tom Waits at the State for "mule variations", but then i am kind of a simp'.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

much much much too much

too much going on to write about lately.

i thought it'd be fun in a "blog excercise" kind of way to just randomly list whatever comes to mind for what i have been up to lately. that way i will remember everything and then perhaps build entries based upon all these notes that i later find interesting enough to elaborate upon. at least then i will get them out of my head before i ferget.

so here goes:

my new kitten, beaner.
weird random calls whilst overnight deejaying.
pretending i was Mary Lucia on stage at bastille day.
art car parade.
buying tons of records.
accidentally made Kate cry on the phone.
brother and wife are having baby soon.
"deejayed" at some park in plymouth for some kid's party and pissed off the park board.
saw dylan at midway stadium.
saw ruins at the triple rock.
saw alejandro escovedo at first ave.
saw fog in the entry.
being an audience extra for the PHC movie and seeing Robert Altman in the flesh directing a film.
eleganza! rocks.
chuck close exhibit at the walker.
lost my brother's keys to his apartment like a retard.
getting sick on quang(my favorite fuckin' resteraunt!) and barfing four times whilst walking home(totally embarrassing!).

Thursday, July 21, 2005

my golden b-day!




Sunday, July 31, 2005. 5pm-???


Creative Electric Studios
2201 NE 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55418
ph 612-706-7879

thas right. i been talking about it my whole life!! it's finally GOLDEN birthday!!


Music from Lightning in the Bushes, Mike Gunther, the Jazz Cigarette and Deejay John Kass!
Also, on display will be a new series: "Photographs from Isreal" by my Mom, Judy Sigelman!!

Plus if I can get archival release, we will be screening my Bar Mitzvah from 1987!!

There will be food and drink but the more the better so don't be afraid to bring a little somethin' somethin'!!

I have been super busy this summer so haven't seen a lot of y'all in a while so I hope to see you then!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

coolest blog ever!!

from today's Strib.

post secret.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Eleganza! will be rockin' the city that always sleeps tomorrow night!!
Monday July 11!
Turf Club in St. Paul.
it's lil' Brian Evil's birthday partay!!
we will be playing a lot of newly arranged classic hits including some Sam and Dave, Ike and Tina, the Stones and you'll get to see Vandey do his best Elvis impression as well!! thank ya verrry much!
GBV Jr. will be opening as well as another b-day boy, our trumpet player Bob's band GST will warm it up kris!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

that is all the people need to know!

my good friend, Karl Raschke, has a great write up in the City Pages this week.
i first met Karl while we were both in Art school at the U. since then he and some other friends started the wicked Creative Electric Gallery i am always talking about. he is one of the most creative and nicest cats i know. he does some amazing photography.
of course when i first met Karl all i could talk about was his Dad, the legendary wrestler "Baron Von Raschke". it still comes up constantly. Karl is always happy to humor me it seems. he has a ton of great stories.
he once told me a story of how the Baron got his famous tag-line. once while doing an interview he got into his standard "wrestler rant", going off on the announcer and any potental opponents, growling fiendishly at the camera. near the end he was at a loss for words and finished with his claw and spontaneously spouted "and that is all the people need to know!"
growing up i loved AWA wrestling. we used to watch it when we came home from Sunday hebrew school every week. the Baron's move "the claw" was famous for taking out his opponents. it was consistently appropriated in our household amongst myself and my brothers as well.
i finally met the Baron a few summer's ago at a chili cook off of all places!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July Schedule o' Events!

King and I Thai Lounge
tues JULY 5
How The West Was Won... with Sigelman and Buzenberg
Dub, Reggae, Ska, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronique, Classic Rock!

19th St. E at 2nd Ave. S
wed JULY 6
Sigelman and Buzenberg will be performaing our "Works for 7 Turntables" along with spoken words from Farheen Hakim, Peter Mclaughlin and Dean Zimmerman

ELEGANZA! with GVB cover band and GST
Turf Club
"Lil' Brian Evil's B-Day!"
mon JULY 11

ELEGANZA! playing with Mark Mallman!
fri JULY 29

Deejay John Kass, Thunder in the Valley, Mike Gunther, Eleganza!, the Jazz Cigarette, whoever else wants to show up and play!
sun JULY 31
Creative Electric Studios