Sunday, June 12, 2005

summer summer summer.

i saw a ton of music this week!
started off with the unfortunate farewell party pre-Hold Steady festivities in the V.I.P. room for Let It Be Records. i had shopped on and off there for years. have bought a ton of great stuff there. i remember when we used to bike from Golden Valley to downtown and we'd hit Let It Be and Northern Lights before going to some of the all ages shows in the Entry. biking home with a stack of records in a bag was always tough but we'd be buzzing from some of the bands we'd see then; Walt Mink, the Style Monkees, the Blue Up?, etc..
i also have a fond memory of playing an in-store at Let It Be. it was actually the first show i had ever done with the Jim Ruiz Group. i had had only a couple days to learn their songs then we played Let it Be for the release of the bands first CD and then off to the East where i found myself playing for strangers whilst dressed in pajamas.
in the meantime it was a really sentimental evening. the Hold Steady played forever and knocked everyone out. Craig talked a lot about missing Minneapolis and how great NYC is but not the same. how cool to see them practically sell out the mainroom! Craig was a good friend when he was living here. i was really happy for those guys and all that is going on with them and now i hear they are going to be on Conan!?
tuesday i biked down to the Ave. again and saw another incredible Neko Case show.
saturday my bro and i saw Digable Planets in the Mainroom. again the place was packed. tons of beutiful ones working the floor and everything was perfect.
then tonight i wrap up the week with my second favorite Austin, Tx band, Spoon.(Grupo Fantasma are easily the kings of Austin!)


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