Wednesday, June 01, 2005

jazz cigarette.


so i booked this show months ago for our band. now the week comes up and i don't have a band!

what to do?

well. my roommate Brian and i have been playing togther in this new band of his. we did the Stone's "Exile on Main Street" a coupla weeks back to rave reviews. we are going to be learning a bunch of more old school tunes and do the cover band "revue" type thing. nothing like playing with a big band. i love it!

so this week i been scrambling to get something together for Fri. nite at the Red Hot Arts Fest. Kurt agreed to fill in for Yub since he left. but now this week Kurt has gotten sick. so no practice, no songs, nothing...aahhh!!

i have some ideas using some of these old reel to reel tapes i found. i decided to make the reel to reel player a band member. it can't get too drunk and is always on time to practice. Brian is going to add some guitar sound and we will play some his songs. my "songs" are more like meditations. very droney, atonal with a lot of space. since i don't know how to write music this seems to be my best method at the moment as far as getting the sounds in my head out into the has been sounding pretty good. and perhaps better than i expected. much much different then our big band, Eleganza!.

this "band" is the Jazz Cigarette.


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