Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dax Pierson.

so my friend Andy and his band, Fog, are hosting another benefit for Dax Pierson. Dax is involved with some of the Anticon bands and had a terrible neck and spine injury when his band was on the road last February. their van hit some ice and they got jarbled around. most were ok but Dax broke his neck. when you check out his site you will see how his condition(seemingly improving) and all the love from his friends and fans who have come to a call of duty for Dax. i know Atmosphere had a few benefits in town and elsewhere for the man. here's another chance to help out or for those who can't make this benefit i'd encourage y'all to buy a shirt or something. you can click on the nude dude above to do all that.
today i am incredibly exhausted. these crazy hours are catching up with me. i have been doing on-air overnights all week, working this PT day gig, playing music, painting and trying to keep up with my peeps. at least i was able to fit in a Twins game last night. they slayed KC. we had great seats my bro got for me. then i headed to the Current and managed for a while, but at about 4AM this morning when i was on the air i really started to sink and now i have this head cold. ack!
i got home at about 5:30AM this morning and found Lori, who'd just gotten home, too net-chatting it up. i crashed pretty hard and slept 'til 3 in the afternoon. slept through a photo shoot i was supposed to be at for the station's website. d'oh!
and now i am waiting for Jay to pick me up so we can judge an air-guitar contest?! such is my life i suppose..
i am just looking forward to the sauna and BBQ Glenn is hosting tonight. if there is a "center" to be found to this week, i think there is a good chance i will find it there.


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