Tuesday, June 14, 2005

comets on fire.

saw another great show LAST night!

Comets on Fire wowed them in the 7th Street Entry.

a fairly full room bathed in the sonic blast. those guys put out a killer sound. i reccomend seeing them to get the full effect. i bought their live album and had some of the dudes sign it for me. they had all sorts of records and merch. i love it when a band jumps off stage and sells their own merch. really cool guys!

that last rambling post ended a bit abruptly. i was writing while i was deejaying late the other night. the main point i wanted to make was to highlight a wicked article that came out in the City Pages this week about the "50 Greatest Minnesota Hits". it's a great read and fun to remember some of the gems from the last 15 years or so. i probably have 3/4 the records they picked.

particularily the Ninotchka single that my friend, Andrea, put out on Grimsey. there was a period of time John Crozier, Amy Turany(then in the band February) and i were putting together a live version of Ninotchka. never quite materialized.

anyway. it kinda brings everything full circle. and i love the "scene is now" piece Jim Walsh wrote.(check the very creepy picture of Sean!)

speaking of full circle i finally saw the new Star Wars III. man is it incredible! i was all down on it because i thought the first two kinda blew, but this was really exhilerating and to sort of feel emotionally resolved about the story was settling.(you have to understand when i was little, up until i was probably twelve, all i thought and talked about was Star Wars!!!)...i really felt like a kid again in awe of the screen!


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