Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dax Pierson.

so my friend Andy and his band, Fog, are hosting another benefit for Dax Pierson. Dax is involved with some of the Anticon bands and had a terrible neck and spine injury when his band was on the road last February. their van hit some ice and they got jarbled around. most were ok but Dax broke his neck. when you check out his site you will see how his condition(seemingly improving) and all the love from his friends and fans who have come to a call of duty for Dax. i know Atmosphere had a few benefits in town and elsewhere for the man. here's another chance to help out or for those who can't make this benefit i'd encourage y'all to buy a shirt or something. you can click on the nude dude above to do all that.
today i am incredibly exhausted. these crazy hours are catching up with me. i have been doing on-air overnights all week, working this PT day gig, playing music, painting and trying to keep up with my peeps. at least i was able to fit in a Twins game last night. they slayed KC. we had great seats my bro got for me. then i headed to the Current and managed for a while, but at about 4AM this morning when i was on the air i really started to sink and now i have this head cold. ack!
i got home at about 5:30AM this morning and found Lori, who'd just gotten home, too net-chatting it up. i crashed pretty hard and slept 'til 3 in the afternoon. slept through a photo shoot i was supposed to be at for the station's website. d'oh!
and now i am waiting for Jay to pick me up so we can judge an air-guitar contest?! such is my life i suppose..
i am just looking forward to the sauna and BBQ Glenn is hosting tonight. if there is a "center" to be found to this week, i think there is a good chance i will find it there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"no one plays the saxaphone the way you play my heart"

Monday, June 27, 2005

Bob Herbert.

Bob Herbert from the NYT once again nails the hammer on the head.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

gittin' 'er done!

Now this is what i call hootin' tootin' yee hawlerin' gettin' it done kinda bidness!!



i was a huge Soul Asylum fan when i was a teen.

the first thing i heard was "While You Were Out" which i got at the library when i was 14 or 15. it had a ridiculous cover, was produced to sound pretty loud and it was grunge way before it was a word. i was hooked.

from then on i missed very few chances to see Soul Asylum if i could help it. i wasn't of age but fortunately they always played a ton of all ages audiences. some out door shows and plenty of sweaty shows in the Mainroom. i thought they were the coolest band in the world. a bit more consistent and tight than the Replacements and more melodic than Husker Du.

i never knew Karl but i suppose i met him and the band once. i actually show up as a wee lad in a documentary about them.

anyway. it's a bummer Karl is gone.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

comets on fire.

saw another great show LAST night!

Comets on Fire wowed them in the 7th Street Entry.

a fairly full room bathed in the sonic blast. those guys put out a killer sound. i reccomend seeing them to get the full effect. i bought their live album and had some of the dudes sign it for me. they had all sorts of records and merch. i love it when a band jumps off stage and sells their own merch. really cool guys!

that last rambling post ended a bit abruptly. i was writing while i was deejaying late the other night. the main point i wanted to make was to highlight a wicked article that came out in the City Pages this week about the "50 Greatest Minnesota Hits". it's a great read and fun to remember some of the gems from the last 15 years or so. i probably have 3/4 the records they picked.

particularily the Ninotchka single that my friend, Andrea, put out on Grimsey. there was a period of time John Crozier, Amy Turany(then in the band February) and i were putting together a live version of Ninotchka. never quite materialized.

anyway. it kinda brings everything full circle. and i love the "scene is now" piece Jim Walsh wrote.(check the very creepy picture of Sean!)

speaking of full circle i finally saw the new Star Wars III. man is it incredible! i was all down on it because i thought the first two kinda blew, but this was really exhilerating and to sort of feel emotionally resolved about the story was settling.(you have to understand when i was little, up until i was probably twelve, all i thought and talked about was Star Wars!!!)...i really felt like a kid again in awe of the screen!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

summer summer summer.

i saw a ton of music this week!
started off with the unfortunate farewell party pre-Hold Steady festivities in the V.I.P. room for Let It Be Records. i had shopped on and off there for years. have bought a ton of great stuff there. i remember when we used to bike from Golden Valley to downtown and we'd hit Let It Be and Northern Lights before going to some of the all ages shows in the Entry. biking home with a stack of records in a bag was always tough but we'd be buzzing from some of the bands we'd see then; Walt Mink, the Style Monkees, the Blue Up?, etc..
i also have a fond memory of playing an in-store at Let It Be. it was actually the first show i had ever done with the Jim Ruiz Group. i had had only a couple days to learn their songs then we played Let it Be for the release of the bands first CD and then off to the East where i found myself playing for strangers whilst dressed in pajamas.
in the meantime it was a really sentimental evening. the Hold Steady played forever and knocked everyone out. Craig talked a lot about missing Minneapolis and how great NYC is but not the same. how cool to see them practically sell out the mainroom! Craig was a good friend when he was living here. i was really happy for those guys and all that is going on with them and now i hear they are going to be on Conan!?
tuesday i biked down to the Ave. again and saw another incredible Neko Case show.
saturday my bro and i saw Digable Planets in the Mainroom. again the place was packed. tons of beutiful ones working the floor and everything was perfect.
then tonight i wrap up the week with my second favorite Austin, Tx band, Spoon.(Grupo Fantasma are easily the kings of Austin!)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

jazz cigarette.


so i booked this show months ago for our band. now the week comes up and i don't have a band!

what to do?

well. my roommate Brian and i have been playing togther in this new band of his. we did the Stone's "Exile on Main Street" a coupla weeks back to rave reviews. we are going to be learning a bunch of more old school tunes and do the cover band "revue" type thing. nothing like playing with a big band. i love it!

so this week i been scrambling to get something together for Fri. nite at the Red Hot Arts Fest. Kurt agreed to fill in for Yub since he left. but now this week Kurt has gotten sick. so no practice, no songs, nothing...aahhh!!

i have some ideas using some of these old reel to reel tapes i found. i decided to make the reel to reel player a band member. it can't get too drunk and is always on time to practice. Brian is going to add some guitar sound and we will play some his songs. my "songs" are more like meditations. very droney, atonal with a lot of space. since i don't know how to write music this seems to be my best method at the moment as far as getting the sounds in my head out into the has been sounding pretty good. and perhaps better than i expected. much much different then our big band, Eleganza!.

this "band" is the Jazz Cigarette.