Monday, May 09, 2005



i had my first airshift on the Current this morning. 11pm-5am...graveyard stylee!

man, i am really tired. but it was really fun. i feel really lucky and fortunate to have been given the chance over there. Steve Nelson and Thorn were the same guys that trained me in to be a deejay back in the day at WMMR and Radio K. so it is like old times again, but better. now if only they had Arkenoid in the basement of this station like we did then.

i will write more about my new adventures over at the Current i suppose as they develop.

i would like to do a lot of things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cool blog! I thought I had an eclectic taste in music at age 36; you seem to dig all genres for 31---very good sets; because of the time difference (American/live in the UK) I hear you dj sometimes...great! I am envious of your coolness.

1:35 PM  

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