Friday, May 13, 2005

bye bye Yu!

Danny & Yub Yu-Mike and Amy's wedding, July '04.
man. it came as quite a shock! i show up late to band practice(as per usual) and Paul asks if i "got the email?".
it's a note from Bo, Yub's wife, turns out he and the crew(they got two twin daughters) are pulling up stakes and moving to Portland, OR?!?!
they had sold their house recently and were getting ready to close on another one when things went sour at Yub's work and they let him go.
i know they haven't been happy here for a while. i think Yub has missed living near an ocean, the cold is discouraging(of course) and i think they have been looking for a place to settle a little more long term as the girls get older.
Yub has talked about some discrimination he has felt being in different work and social settings. so they decided to move to a more "liberal" place. hard for me to imagine. but then, i have never been Asian...
i suppose if there is a more "liberal" place in the "U.S.A." it'd be Portland! it's a great, clean, sales-tax free place to be.
but i can't help but miss them already. Yub really got Paul and myself going with this band we have been working on for the last year or so.
we jammed and recorded a bunch Monday night once Yub showed up and gave us the news in person. like most things i think change is always good. and i think we have enough material in the bag to actually do something with and hopefully that stuff will evolve into something greater. that's kind of the point i suppose.
i will miss seeing the twins grow up, Bo and Yub and his awesome korean dumplings!
good luck Yu clan!


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