Monday, May 23, 2005

coming up...

.:ONE OF EACH: A Sampling of Red Hot Artists
Music by Most Fun Wins, DJ Money Flows and DJ Paul Harding
i don't have any pieces in this show. i will be doing the music at this event. Paul and i are deejaying but we are also playing a "soundtrack" to the event. we have added Kurt to the band(who is plaing the guitar he bought from Yub no less, for continuity perhaps). see ya then.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

in the mix.

so it has been a coupla weeks since i started working at the Current.

what a trip.

i only sit and press one button once an hour for the first half of the 6-hour shift so as to monitor the "Jazz Image" re-broadcast.

just as well as i like to listen to it anyway. i guess now i just get paid to listen to it.

truly i never would have thought i'd be Leigh Kamman's "co-worker"(though i am just playing a tape of him).

being a mega jazz head myself, to be able to facilitate his work and way of educating and telling stories about the genre, it is an honor. plus i get to bring my jazz records from my own stash to fill out the rest of the last hour as it tends to end 15-20 minutes before the end of the hour.

last week i threw on a cut from Eric Dolphy's "Berlin Concerts" double LP. a classic performance for a pretty much unknown dude this side of the pond. a lot being an American helped him in his country. he had to move to France away from the U.S. to get any work(not much demand in the U.S. then for jazz basoon and bari-sax). he died pretty young to boot.

in any case i get to play his(and other jazzers from my collection) records now on the radio from time to time. so you can't beat that.

perhaps when they tear down the Guthrie Theatre i will play a side from the Mingus record i have that was recorded at the Guthrie.(there is a song dedicated to Dolphy on that recording incidentally).

last weekend i made the mistake of not eating much whilst watching the I-Quit show at the Rogue Buddha. they had Tim Glenn and Chris Thomson up in there. Andy Broder and Adam Linz made a bunch of crazy noise on turntables which is always a good thing.

then afterward i headed home, grabbed a cup of coffee(on an empty stomach-ugh!) and headed over to the station.

it was rough as i was not ready. but i stumbled through some breaks and said hopefully nothing too dumb. mostly talked about the music i was playing, Radiohead's crazy website, the problem Alan from Low's been having(a tough thing to talk about as i think i can relate), some shows i saw over the weekend(one of which, Monade, was amazing!) and whatever else came to mind. there was a documentary about Fritos on the TV in the studio, i probably wisely abstained from talking about that.. cable TV or public's a consumer to decide?.

in the meantime i am having fun. i get to DJ at night which is something i never really got to do at Radio K as we were a daytime only station at the time.

there is a different vibe to listening to music at night that if you never listen to music at night or otherwise you probably wouldn't understand. but it takes something different to lay still and listen to music, or sit and watch your baby, or make out with that guy or gal you are with(depending on whether you are a guy or gal or not) whilst listening to music at night. what a kick to play those tunes that someone out there doing all the above or none of them can hear somewhere else.

i constantly listen to music. virtually all the time. if i don't have an actual music source near me i can usually hear it in my head.

i don't own an i-pod because i don't really need one. since it is always in my head anyway.

i know a lot of people like me. we tend to stay in packs.

if you've never been to a record convention i highly reccomend it.

i have so many stories from people i know just from being a music addict. they are endless stories. i try to remember as many as possible. it would make an incredible movie. no doubt about it. if you have ever met my friends Betty and Barb, whom i once met at a record show and subsequently at a lot of record stores and such you know exactly what i am talking about.

if you haven't then give me a ton of dough and i will make the movie. it is all in my head.

anyway. major tangent.

the point is i think there are more people who like music now. and as long as there are more people liking music then i think we are all doing fine.

right now i am listening to James Brown "Love Power and Peace". a '71 Paris concert at the Olympia. good gawd y'all!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

bye bye Yu!

Danny & Yub Yu-Mike and Amy's wedding, July '04.
man. it came as quite a shock! i show up late to band practice(as per usual) and Paul asks if i "got the email?".
it's a note from Bo, Yub's wife, turns out he and the crew(they got two twin daughters) are pulling up stakes and moving to Portland, OR?!?!
they had sold their house recently and were getting ready to close on another one when things went sour at Yub's work and they let him go.
i know they haven't been happy here for a while. i think Yub has missed living near an ocean, the cold is discouraging(of course) and i think they have been looking for a place to settle a little more long term as the girls get older.
Yub has talked about some discrimination he has felt being in different work and social settings. so they decided to move to a more "liberal" place. hard for me to imagine. but then, i have never been Asian...
i suppose if there is a more "liberal" place in the "U.S.A." it'd be Portland! it's a great, clean, sales-tax free place to be.
but i can't help but miss them already. Yub really got Paul and myself going with this band we have been working on for the last year or so.
we jammed and recorded a bunch Monday night once Yub showed up and gave us the news in person. like most things i think change is always good. and i think we have enough material in the bag to actually do something with and hopefully that stuff will evolve into something greater. that's kind of the point i suppose.
i will miss seeing the twins grow up, Bo and Yub and his awesome korean dumplings!
good luck Yu clan!

Monday, May 09, 2005



i had my first airshift on the Current this morning. 11pm-5am...graveyard stylee!

man, i am really tired. but it was really fun. i feel really lucky and fortunate to have been given the chance over there. Steve Nelson and Thorn were the same guys that trained me in to be a deejay back in the day at WMMR and Radio K. so it is like old times again, but better. now if only they had Arkenoid in the basement of this station like we did then.

i will write more about my new adventures over at the Current i suppose as they develop.

i would like to do a lot of things.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

future Sigelman.

Megan on Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


so i am sick. man it's a drag. it seems to be going around. and for the same reason for many people.

i tried to blame the weather but i think the truth is i have been running myself ragged.

working and playing are adding up to less sleep, more indulgence and not enough sustainence. so the body is telling me to cool it.

so this week i sleep in. eat more. and drink lots of water and tea. i hope to nip it in the bud by the end of the week. the weekend already looks like it'll be a busy one.

i am trying to get another job right now. something i have always wanted to do. teach art. i do have art degree afterall!?

so i am taking on this part time after school course that this lady has set up with several schools around the city.

the other day for my training i sat in with a class at my old elementary school, Meadowbrook Elementary, in Golden Valley. it was a very surreal experience. i didn't recognize anything except for the big sinks. the ones you step on the pedal and the water comes out in little streams.

the hallways looked familiar, but with the massive updates and expansion to the building i didn't recognize much.

the class is a very basic "you follow what i do on the chalk board and i walk around and tell you if yours looks right" kind of instruction. i am really skeptical about it. but i figure in due time i can put my own spin on things. as much class or instruction as i have had in art or music i have always been self taught and feel it's basic human inuition that guides the best results for what i do and for what inspires someone's imagination. especially these really young children. it was amazing to see how differnt each kid's piece was and to watch them draw and see how their mind works i think in the end can teach me a thing or too.

tomorrow night i have my first gig with a new group i have joined. this an outift my new roommat, Brian, has put together. it is actually quite a large ensemble with horns and backup singers. the impetus was for a cover band night these guys played in the entry a few months ago. they since decided to do a show later this month where we are performing the Stone's "Exile on Main Street". it is a bit of a challenge with the arrangements and just trying to get everyone together at one time. but overall it is sounding great! and has given me a chance to play with more musicians. i have been having a hard time trying to play with different people for some reason. it is really typical in the TC's that people, particularily musicians, tend to stay within the same little cliques of players. i seem to remember a time there was a bit more cross-pollinization with players. maybe i am just with the wrong crowd. but regardless, this a great group of people and the spirit is definately right on. i think the Cinco De Mayo set we are doing tomorrow night should be a good spark for what's to come with some of these players and this band. if only because i get to sing "La Bamba"!