Saturday, April 09, 2005

uptown girls.

very unfortunate the Twins didn't take the opener. no worries though. i think it will be another great team and another great year! the tribute to Bob Casey they showed before the game was touching and highly surreal, for obvious reasons i think.

i didn't make it to the game as i was participating in a pretty cool event that Creative Electric is hosting this weekend. it's a spoken word show from the Lit 6 Project. because of my experience, or perhaps conditioning, i have never gotten that into spoken word. except for some of the records which i often use for deejaying i usually don't get much out of it. but these guys seemed different as there was more humor involved. humor always seems to make things go down easier no doubt. plus the theme of the show was this guy, Geoff Herbach was celebrating his "bar mitzvah". something i guess i could relate to. mine, when i turned 13, was in July 1987(incidentally the same year the Twins won their first World Series trophy). i am trying to think of a way to incorporate that them for my 31st(and golden!) b-day in July. i tried to find the old tape of my bar mitzvah to show last night. but it is no doubt burried in boxes at my parents and we couldn't figure where to begin to look for it.

anyway, i just moved to the Uptown area for the first time ever. for some reason i always resisted Uptown. thinking it was too fast moving or "hipster" for my taste i suppose. Uptown tends to give me that feeling. but i have been enjoying it if not just for the proximity to a lot of things i used to go across town to do and check out before.

the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden, the MIA, Treehouse Records, Spyhouse, Jasmine Deli and on and on.

not too mention all the cool stuff i have found from people throwing things away on the sidewalk! but then i'm like that..

oh yeah. dem uptown gyall! boo yaka shot!


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