Friday, April 01, 2005

noooooooo smoooooooking!!

how sadly perfect Bob Casey, the announcer for the MN Twins for the last 44 years dies the week before the new Hennepin/Ramsey Counties smoking ban ordinance.

i grew up going to Twins games and hearing him over the PA announce all my favorite players back in the day; Kent Hrbek, Frank Viola, "Kiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrbbbbeeeeey Puckett!!", Dan Gladden and last year Christian Guuuuuuuzeman, Jacques Jones and Johann Santana.

i remember as a kid always waiting for him to announce "Noooooooooo Smooooooooking! No Smoking in the Metrodome", then Kent Hrbek would make some signal with hands about not smoking. was there ever really smoking in the Metrodome to begin with?

i think in college when i was in art school i tried to be a smoker. it seemed like something a struggling art student should be. i used to buy those little indian cigarettes wrapped in tiny leaves and smoke those at the coffee shops while i sketched in my journals and stuff. they were always hard to stay lit and really didn't taste like anything they were so small. i had friends in high school that smoked a lot of clove cigarettes, i loved how those smelled, but my lungs ached anytime i tried one.

so last night our band, the Most Fun Wins, had its first gig. it went really well!

i haven't played in a band in a few years mainly for that reason. definately the smoky atmosphere, however much it can be romanticised, was something i had been losing patience with. it really came to a point where i didn't see a lot of music i would have liked to because i grew tired of smelling like an ashtray at the end of the night.

there seems to be a lot of disdain about the new ordinance. i think that is coupled with a lot of denial. i understand it is the most addictive and worst habit you could have. it is not easy and sometimes impossible to give up. so i have heard. i got lucky and just never really liked it..

music has always been my "vice". seems to be a good one to have. and now with smoke free-ness i get to feed my fix even more!


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