Saturday, April 23, 2005

music. music. music.

Medeski, Martin, Wood-First Avenue Mainroom. 4/17/05

i been able to lately fill just about every waking moment(though i fall asleep to as well) a ton great music lately. i always feel lucky i sometimes get paid and/or get free drinks to play music for other people.

last weekend i spun at the Walker Member's Opening party. it was myself, Krista and Jen mixing up the batter on the irons that night with the sound booming out across Gallery Eight and onto the patio of the new building(tented that night because of rain). i heard 5000 came to the party at various times throughout the night. i barely got to see anything it was so crowded. i did manage to hang out with Pogue, my new roomate, Brian, Sam and Megan, and catch up with others.

how cool then when whilst i was playing some early Asha Bosle freakout i, Megan spots Bjork in the room with her son and boyfriend, Matthew Barney, in the room. i had Alice Coltrane cued up. nex t was Le Tigre remix and i sorta spotted Ms. Guðmundsdóttir nodding along. of course Krista had to burst my bubble..'she was probably just shaking her head affirmatively to whoever she was talking to..'.

in any case. the whole party was wicked! and i will likely go back this week to see the rest of the ice cube.

here's whats been making me nod affirmatively lately:

Yo La Tengo 'Prisoners of Love' box set(3 disks, on repeat for just about 2 weeks now!).
Brian's Replacements vinyl bootlegs.
the new Aphex Twin 12''
M.I.A. double vinyl.
the Medeski, Martin and Wood show at First Ave.
Ornette Coleman at the Walker.(not that i actually got to see him..)
Lyrics Born remix disk.
Tasha Baron's senior recital at Creative Electric.
some extremely awful southern blues-rock sounding band i saw at the St. Paul Art Crawl last night(i don't know what they were called. but there was nobody there except for myself and my friends. they had two Gibson hollow-bodies and did a cover of "Why Don't We Do it In the Road".)
Radio K FM really late at night on my porch while i paint.
Moby tomorrow night at First Ave.


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