Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ladies, Flowers, M.I.A.

for the past few weeks or so my Mom and i have been volunteering in a program i have done a coupla times in the past. it's called "Art Buddies" and it is run by a program called Creatives for Causes headed by Sue Crolick. who, needless to say, is an awesome individual.

i roped my Mom into it this time because we have volunteered together much in the past(Harriet Tubman is where she rolls) plus it is time we get to hang out. so sorta like killing to birds with one stone(though a lot more fun).

before the session i met her and my Aunt at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. they were having this wicked flower show!

so it was basically me and about a thousand much much older ladies all checking out all the flowers amongst all the art. and vice versa.

i love the Institute! i recently moved close by to it.

i probably go there once a month minimum. usually for inspiration or just to bask in the fact so many cool things, many of which are thousands of years old, in my town.

i always spend a few minutes in front of one of my favorites, "Blind Man's Buff" by Max Beckmann.

he is an old school cat, Austrian and was exiled to Holland when the Nazi's were coming down on our asses back in the day. the self portrait hanging in the Chicago Institute is my personal fave.

but there's no point in comparing them i suppose.

Monday, April 25, 2005

this week in SIGHT and SOUND!

my band plays thursday and my art comes down saturday while i play some records.

the busiest man in showbiz, oustide of James, yo!

check it:
thursday, April 28. 9pm+ Hexagon Bar.2600 27th Ave S, Minneapolis, 55406
"Keep MN Nice" Vol. 2 wit': Quilombolas and the Most Fun Wins. plus deejays Motor Skills(that be me and Buzenberg).

saturday, April 30. 7 to 11pm SpotArt Gallery.1828 Marshall St, N Minneapolis
myself and 7 other visual artist's art comes down.(i may even put some new ones up i wrecked since the opening last month!). Motor Skills on the uno y dos.

Slow Down! Wake Up! Slow Ride Take it Easy!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

music. music. music.

Medeski, Martin, Wood-First Avenue Mainroom. 4/17/05

i been able to lately fill just about every waking moment(though i fall asleep to as well) a ton great music lately. i always feel lucky i sometimes get paid and/or get free drinks to play music for other people.

last weekend i spun at the Walker Member's Opening party. it was myself, Krista and Jen mixing up the batter on the irons that night with the sound booming out across Gallery Eight and onto the patio of the new building(tented that night because of rain). i heard 5000 came to the party at various times throughout the night. i barely got to see anything it was so crowded. i did manage to hang out with Pogue, my new roomate, Brian, Sam and Megan, and catch up with others.

how cool then when whilst i was playing some early Asha Bosle freakout i, Megan spots Bjork in the room with her son and boyfriend, Matthew Barney, in the room. i had Alice Coltrane cued up. nex t was Le Tigre remix and i sorta spotted Ms. Guðmundsdóttir nodding along. of course Krista had to burst my bubble..'she was probably just shaking her head affirmatively to whoever she was talking to..'.

in any case. the whole party was wicked! and i will likely go back this week to see the rest of the ice cube.

here's whats been making me nod affirmatively lately:

Yo La Tengo 'Prisoners of Love' box set(3 disks, on repeat for just about 2 weeks now!).
Brian's Replacements vinyl bootlegs.
the new Aphex Twin 12''
M.I.A. double vinyl.
the Medeski, Martin and Wood show at First Ave.
Ornette Coleman at the Walker.(not that i actually got to see him..)
Lyrics Born remix disk.
Tasha Baron's senior recital at Creative Electric.
some extremely awful southern blues-rock sounding band i saw at the St. Paul Art Crawl last night(i don't know what they were called. but there was nobody there except for myself and my friends. they had two Gibson hollow-bodies and did a cover of "Why Don't We Do it In the Road".)
Radio K FM really late at night on my porch while i paint.
Moby tomorrow night at First Ave.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

4/20 Dinkytonwer!

yo Check it!
my man Paul Harding and I are throwing down the wicked product on the 1's and 3's this WEDNESDAY nite at the DINKYTOWNER!
it'll be April 20 or as some call it 4/20!
usually we have a theme each week at the DT but this time we can't really think of one... so all's i can say is come on down for the FRESHIES and DRINK SPESHIES and find out what this week's theme IS!
412 1/2 14th Ave SE MPLS, MN 55414 10pm+ FREE!! FREE!! FREE!!
Pope Benedict XVI represent 'sent!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Walker Art Center Opening.

with roommate/roadie, Lil' Brian Evil.
much wine consumed!

"Keep MN Nice Vol. 1" at Hexagon. 3/31/05. Most Fun Wins with Mike Brady.(photo by Beatrix*JAR)

Friday, April 15, 2005

walker's wicked weekend !

big weekend!

tonight is John Nelson's deelio over at the Rosalux. he and i have worked in the past at Radio K and live even.

tomorrow night: i am super psyched to deejay at the member's only opening party at the Walker. i plan on recording it for a possible cee-dee in the future.

sunday: take a it down a notch, spinning at the Medeski Martin Wood show at First Avenue. rumor has it since the "smoking ban" has kicked in there has been an increase in other plumages of inhalitory enhancements at the Ave., makes me sorry i am going to miss the Wailers show Saturday..

oh, speaking of which, Paul Harding and i are throwing down for 4/20 wed. nite at ye olde Dinkytowner.

ok. that's it for now. stay home if you must or seeya when i seeya.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

uptown girls.

very unfortunate the Twins didn't take the opener. no worries though. i think it will be another great team and another great year! the tribute to Bob Casey they showed before the game was touching and highly surreal, for obvious reasons i think.

i didn't make it to the game as i was participating in a pretty cool event that Creative Electric is hosting this weekend. it's a spoken word show from the Lit 6 Project. because of my experience, or perhaps conditioning, i have never gotten that into spoken word. except for some of the records which i often use for deejaying i usually don't get much out of it. but these guys seemed different as there was more humor involved. humor always seems to make things go down easier no doubt. plus the theme of the show was this guy, Geoff Herbach was celebrating his "bar mitzvah". something i guess i could relate to. mine, when i turned 13, was in July 1987(incidentally the same year the Twins won their first World Series trophy). i am trying to think of a way to incorporate that them for my 31st(and golden!) b-day in July. i tried to find the old tape of my bar mitzvah to show last night. but it is no doubt burried in boxes at my parents and we couldn't figure where to begin to look for it.

anyway, i just moved to the Uptown area for the first time ever. for some reason i always resisted Uptown. thinking it was too fast moving or "hipster" for my taste i suppose. Uptown tends to give me that feeling. but i have been enjoying it if not just for the proximity to a lot of things i used to go across town to do and check out before.

the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden, the MIA, Treehouse Records, Spyhouse, Jasmine Deli and on and on.

not too mention all the cool stuff i have found from people throwing things away on the sidewalk! but then i'm like that..

oh yeah. dem uptown gyall! boo yaka shot!

Friday, April 01, 2005

noooooooo smoooooooking!!

how sadly perfect Bob Casey, the announcer for the MN Twins for the last 44 years dies the week before the new Hennepin/Ramsey Counties smoking ban ordinance.

i grew up going to Twins games and hearing him over the PA announce all my favorite players back in the day; Kent Hrbek, Frank Viola, "Kiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrbbbbeeeeey Puckett!!", Dan Gladden and last year Christian Guuuuuuuzeman, Jacques Jones and Johann Santana.

i remember as a kid always waiting for him to announce "Noooooooooo Smooooooooking! No Smoking in the Metrodome", then Kent Hrbek would make some signal with hands about not smoking. was there ever really smoking in the Metrodome to begin with?

i think in college when i was in art school i tried to be a smoker. it seemed like something a struggling art student should be. i used to buy those little indian cigarettes wrapped in tiny leaves and smoke those at the coffee shops while i sketched in my journals and stuff. they were always hard to stay lit and really didn't taste like anything they were so small. i had friends in high school that smoked a lot of clove cigarettes, i loved how those smelled, but my lungs ached anytime i tried one.

so last night our band, the Most Fun Wins, had its first gig. it went really well!

i haven't played in a band in a few years mainly for that reason. definately the smoky atmosphere, however much it can be romanticised, was something i had been losing patience with. it really came to a point where i didn't see a lot of music i would have liked to because i grew tired of smelling like an ashtray at the end of the night.

there seems to be a lot of disdain about the new ordinance. i think that is coupled with a lot of denial. i understand it is the most addictive and worst habit you could have. it is not easy and sometimes impossible to give up. so i have heard. i got lucky and just never really liked it..

music has always been my "vice". seems to be a good one to have. and now with smoke free-ness i get to feed my fix even more!