Friday, March 04, 2005

Tuesday is International WomenÂ’s Day!

Some of us like to celebrate that everyday, but no matterÂ…

Come down to the King and I Thai Lounge and celebrate!

Tuesday, March 8!!

at long last, my man Buzenberg and I will be back at the King and I Thai Lounge!

musical enhancement tends to flow from an assortment of genres, particularily those who have reproduced their repetoire via the traditional "vinyl" medium..imagine Current Deejays, but with more hair.

King and I Thai Lounge
1346 LaSalle Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403
10:30pm on..and on and on...

Tel: (612)332-6928 Fax: (612)338-4293

feel free to fax in requests!

Back: in black, in the New York Groove, in time..


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