Tuesday, March 01, 2005

a lamb.

ok. it's march. what the?
they said on the "news" that march would come in like a lamb. i guess that's ok. i had a very short winter myself. i'm sick of it though. i would trade all this for breakfast tacos and t-shirt weather in Texas anyday now.
but for real i got so much stuff going on right now i feel i should post some of it just so i can remember. my memory isn't always air tight and i am not terribly organ-iz-ized.
so. turns out i get to "currate" a night a month at the Hexagon. this old ass bar sorta near lake st. over by Stardust lanes.
that should be hella wicked. Paul and i DJed there the other night and a good time. our band was suppopsed to play but Yub got something fierce so we just played records. which is often my second favorite music thing to do.
today i went to lunch with my good friend and mentor, John Kass. he and i did our two favorite things to do(besides hang out), we went to Udupi Cafe for lunch and shopped for old records at Savers. it was my first trip to Udupi in the month i been back and it was solid. i ate a lot from the buffett.
i got a few records: Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly and a Return to Forever record. all were $1.49 each.
i then dropped John off at his office and went to my beloved Salvation Army on 10th Ave. which was funny because John and i were listening to the new Fog in the car while we drove out to Columbia Heights.
the Salvation Army had it's usual fare. some cool stuff actually. i go there to find junk basically to make cool stuff out of. i haven't done much of the collagey stuff since i left my old apartment. it is fun to do again. it would take forever for me to explain my process so i won't now. but it is a section of the images i like to make that are from a variety of "found" things. they are generally small pieces and cut and paste type images i found easiest to do in my old place.
i been bum rushing my folks color printer so it will be easier as well to print pictures of stuff i have taken on my camera and incorporate that shit as well.
i have a an art show(besides the one i have in a couple weeks) in April i want to be more exclusively the printed color copy found collage small things i used to make in my apartment show.
ugh. it's late. why am i up. ok. good night. time to count. sheep.


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