Monday, March 21, 2005

Coon Rapids...who knew?

Jon and i ventured out to Coon Rapids tonight to catch "Second Coming: Battle Royale", where the MN Roller Girls league had it's latest event.
two mayhem infused bouts between the Dagger Dolls and Silver Bullets and the Atomic Bombshells(my favorite!) vs. the Garda Belts.
the place was packed! people from all over. a great balance of agression and love in the room. i think people are excited about the possibility of a fun old but new sport taking off like this in the TC's. Roller Derby girrls were all the rage in Austin.
my good friend Auralee(pictured) is captain of the Bombshells and despite ankle issues showed up and gave it her all!


Anonymous kristine said...

Oh, glad to hear Rollergirls are starting in Minneapolis. (and good description of the atmosphere) I really wanted to be a rollergirl at the first bout I went to...until they started talking about the injury fund. The injury list was too scary for me - torns ACLs, dislocated shoulders.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Danny Scott said...

yeah. it kinda hurts just watching them! thank god for tough chicks though! MN has a long history of toughness, what with the legacy of Professional Wrestling here and all. a friend i used to work with's Mom was a pro-wrestler back in the day...

you seem to be more the brainy could probably still join a team and like be a coach and help "strategize" or something?

5:35 PM  

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