Tuesday, March 29, 2005

KEEP MN NICE! Hexagon! Thurs! 4 Smoking BANDS! FREE!

the debut of our new monthly "Keep MN Nice" variety nite is going down at the Hexagon this Thursday!
the first nite of freshie air and dressing to impress!
this month's installment includes my new band, "The Most Fun Wins", and Bianca and Jacob's "Beatrix*JAR" also, we will be backing up "Mike Brady" and "Jim the Barber"
Deejays "Money Flows" and "Paul Harding" to keep the party going!
4 Smoking Bands to alleve your aural fixation no doubt!
Thurs, March 31
Hexagon Bar
2600 27th Ave S, Minneapolis55406
(612) 722-3454

Monday, March 21, 2005

Coon Rapids...who knew?

Jon and i ventured out to Coon Rapids tonight to catch "Second Coming: Battle Royale", where the MN Roller Girls league had it's latest event.
two mayhem infused bouts between the Dagger Dolls and Silver Bullets and the Atomic Bombshells(my favorite!) vs. the Garda Belts.
the place was packed! people from all over. a great balance of agression and love in the room. i think people are excited about the possibility of a fun old but new sport taking off like this in the TC's. Roller Derby girrls were all the rage in Austin.
my good friend Auralee(pictured) is captain of the Bombshells and despite ankle issues showed up and gave it her all!

Friday, March 18, 2005

goodbye Justin.

just got word that Justin Hinds passed on last Wednesday of lung cancer.
i was fortunate enough to have interviewed him once on Radio K. he was a very kind and enthusiastic man. he really didn't get his due the way he should have in the United States.
in the summer 2002, i went to Toronto to help my friend, Brad, with an a documentary on early Jamaican music, "The Legends of Ska". these shows featured and reunited a couple dozen of the original 60's Jamaican players and singers. Justin was one of the stars. my brother and i got to hang out with him all week. he was always a treat to be around. very gentle and full of life. when it was his turn to sing at the show he rose to the occasion and belted out his most famous hits with his sweet and golden voice.
thanks for the great memories Justin!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the center of the earth is the end of the world.

man. i am not good with the computer devices. er is it vice versa.

trouble with getting pics online, links going to the right places..

no matter. i just gotta say i really need a website, and/or someone else doing it for me to my specifications. it would be a lot cooler and more consistent/informative.

oh well i will stick to the things i know best and then all else falls in line, synchronizes if you will.

in the meantime i must post about the "Color Spots" show my friend, Scotty(aka SPLEEE) has set up for this weekend. it features yours truly and 8 other artistes!

it is gonna be a wicked opening, with great music and Toki the rasta dog..er is it "maga dog"...oh you will see.

here's the deetz:

Color Spots!

close your eyes real tight, spin around ten times and look out the window when it’s raining

March 18, 2005 7pm-11pm

Gallery Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Live music by:
Ironlung & his Acoustic Intifada, Spaghetti Western and the Pines

plus Henna art by Judy Ostrowski
• spleee — paintings
• Cory Weissman — paintings
• Teresa Kupin — paintings
• Mark Mustful — raku pots
• Danny Sigelman — paintings
• Megan Moore — paintings
• Cassandra Monson — paintings
• Layla — photography
• Alex Moros — paintings

Saturday, March 12, 2005

color spots close your eyes real tight

Friday, March 04, 2005

Tuesday is International Women’s Day!

Some of us like to celebrate that everyday, but no matter…

Come down to the King and I Thai Lounge and celebrate!

Tuesday, March 8!!

at long last, my man Buzenberg and I will be back at the King and I Thai Lounge!

musical enhancement tends to flow from an assortment of genres, particularily those who have reproduced their repetoire via the traditional "vinyl" medium..imagine Current Deejays, but with more hair.

King and I Thai Lounge
1346 LaSalle Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403
10:30pm on..and on and on...

Tel: (612)332-6928 Fax: (612)338-4293

feel free to fax in requests!

Back: in black, in the New York Groove, in time..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

a lamb.

ok. it's march. what the?
they said on the "news" that march would come in like a lamb. i guess that's ok. i had a very short winter myself. i'm sick of it though. i would trade all this for breakfast tacos and t-shirt weather in Texas anyday now.
but for real i got so much stuff going on right now i feel i should post some of it just so i can remember. my memory isn't always air tight and i am not terribly organ-iz-ized.
so. turns out i get to "currate" a night a month at the Hexagon. this old ass bar sorta near lake st. over by Stardust lanes.
that should be hella wicked. Paul and i DJed there the other night and a good time. our band was suppopsed to play but Yub got something fierce so we just played records. which is often my second favorite music thing to do.
today i went to lunch with my good friend and mentor, John Kass. he and i did our two favorite things to do(besides hang out), we went to Udupi Cafe for lunch and shopped for old records at Savers. it was my first trip to Udupi in the month i been back and it was solid. i ate a lot from the buffett.
i got a few records: Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly and a Return to Forever record. all were $1.49 each.
i then dropped John off at his office and went to my beloved Salvation Army on 10th Ave. which was funny because John and i were listening to the new Fog in the car while we drove out to Columbia Heights.
the Salvation Army had it's usual fare. some cool stuff actually. i go there to find junk basically to make cool stuff out of. i haven't done much of the collagey stuff since i left my old apartment. it is fun to do again. it would take forever for me to explain my process so i won't now. but it is a section of the images i like to make that are from a variety of "found" things. they are generally small pieces and cut and paste type images i found easiest to do in my old place.
i been bum rushing my folks color printer so it will be easier as well to print pictures of stuff i have taken on my camera and incorporate that shit as well.
i have a an art show(besides the one i have in a couple weeks) in April i want to be more exclusively the printed color copy found collage small things i used to make in my apartment show.
ugh. it's late. why am i up. ok. good night. time to count. sheep.