Sunday, February 06, 2005

one love.

today is Bob Marley's birthday!
he'd a been 60! wow. i went to a tribute concert at the Cabooze on Friday nite. that was wonerful. i went to a play before hand with the family. it was about the holocaust, called "Jack and Rochelle". it was actually about the grandparents of a friend of Jon's. it was sad but also hopeful as the two of them survived together and ended up getting married, etc.
anyway, i needed a pick me up afterward so headed down and caught the second set. Bob seems to be a spirit that will never die. the room was packed. you could hardly move. there were a few people up front in wheel chairs, there were hippies, punks, yuppies, ethiopians from the west bank, all types of folks moving and singing along. what great songs those are!
yesterday my Mom and i went for a walk around Lake Calhoun. it was beautiful out and a lot of snow was melting so there were many puddles to dodge. many people were walking, jogging and those die hard bikeriders that ride all year long(they always have that line across their back from the water coming up off the back wheel).
there was a cross country ski course being set up for today that took over part of the path along the lake and went up toward uptown and block most of Hennepin. we saw a few skiiers doing time trials or something.
we stopped by Brad's for some tea and cheese and hung out with Sam and Josie a bit. Brad got me a job at one of these "ebay" stores in town. that should be interesting.


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