Thursday, February 24, 2005

the sand people.

my last blog about monks and/or sand, promise!(at least until the next lifetime..)

MN is home to 2000 Tibetans. there were many there chanting along for the consecration.

they moved the rope so people could get up close and see the piece. until one woman(a Chaska resident perhaps) walked up and touched the edge of it. duh!

the oldest Monk threw some flowers and dragged his little bell thingie across it from each side. then the others brushd the sand into one corner and put it in little bags for everyone to take home for good luck!



Sunday, February 20, 2005

the monk's progress.

we checked up on the monk's today at the Mall. Sam, Megan and i drove out to Fort Snelling to take the new part of the light rail they just finished building. there was a very disgusting old man reading porn on the train and coughing and hacking behind us.
the map for the light rail is really funny. instead of the elaborate and visually stimulating subway maps of NYC, Chicago, SF or London the light rail map is but just one straight line with a bunch of stops on it.
i guess things really big like that take time. just ask the monks.

S.S. on the L.R.

Monday, February 14, 2005

monks at the mall.

"valentine lake"
this was a drawing i made valentine's day last year. it was done on Medicine lake in an "Art Shanty". some friends put together a "camera obscura" inside a ice fishing house and i quickly sketched out what was projected on the wall. the image was actually upside down but it was a fairly clear image of the little heart-shaped skating rink Kari had shoveled out of the snow. you can vaguely see her, her dog, Tema Stauffer and others on the ice. it was all done really quick.
they did the art shanty again this year. still got to get out there before the ice melts.
this year i hung out with my Mom most the day. we went to the Mall of America where i heard there was a tibetan sand mandala being constructed. it was part of a Tibetan Cultural Festival. there were two monks painstakenly pouring little grains of colored sand to make up the piece. when they are finished it will be dismantled and poured into a stream somewhere. it is an excercise in futility. i found the spiritual contrast between them and the atmosphere at the Mall of America stunning.
it was amazing how they could concentrate like that. plus the whole dicotomy of the immaterial nature of their practice and the surrounding over-saturated commercialism the Mall is famous for was incredible. not to mention the irony behind where most of the products for sale in the shops at the Mall tend to be made in, China, the same country that occupies Tibet and outlaws the same practices they were demonstrating in the Macy's Rotunda.
on the way out we met a guy who was selling art and crafts from india. i have been wanting to get a gong for a long time. i was inspired by a guy i saw using one in an acid jazz outfit at this party i was at in Austin. also he had these indian style paintings of various hindu love gods and such. i treated myself to both.
we hope to see the dismantling ceremony of the mandala, February 24 at 12:30pm. maybe see y'all there!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

For those playing the home game.

just in case you are keeping track. here is a list of the 154 government programs Der Fuhrer is proposing to cut.
he's right. our country spends too much. in "stay dumb" America who needs education? or health?
incidentally his latest "budget" adds up to roughly a 4% increase in spending.
what a salesman!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

one love.

today is Bob Marley's birthday!
he'd a been 60! wow. i went to a tribute concert at the Cabooze on Friday nite. that was wonerful. i went to a play before hand with the family. it was about the holocaust, called "Jack and Rochelle". it was actually about the grandparents of a friend of Jon's. it was sad but also hopeful as the two of them survived together and ended up getting married, etc.
anyway, i needed a pick me up afterward so headed down and caught the second set. Bob seems to be a spirit that will never die. the room was packed. you could hardly move. there were a few people up front in wheel chairs, there were hippies, punks, yuppies, ethiopians from the west bank, all types of folks moving and singing along. what great songs those are!
yesterday my Mom and i went for a walk around Lake Calhoun. it was beautiful out and a lot of snow was melting so there were many puddles to dodge. many people were walking, jogging and those die hard bikeriders that ride all year long(they always have that line across their back from the water coming up off the back wheel).
there was a cross country ski course being set up for today that took over part of the path along the lake and went up toward uptown and block most of Hennepin. we saw a few skiiers doing time trials or something.
we stopped by Brad's for some tea and cheese and hung out with Sam and Josie a bit. Brad got me a job at one of these "ebay" stores in town. that should be interesting.