Saturday, January 08, 2005

small person.

i have been really into movies lately. i guess it's from being around Anne so much. she has seen every movie in the world it seems.

we watched "School of Rock" again recently, which is a recent discovery of mine and i love it. also rented "Control Room", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Supersize Me", i watched "Annie Hall" for the billionth time.

Kate and i saw "Closer" the other night. now that movie really sucked! i don't know why i wanted to see it as a lot of people didn't reccomend it. i think i was getting it confused with something else as it was really bad and pretty pointless. reminded me of another movie, "Friends and Neighbors" which was another one about pretty girls that go out with asshole guys and sex and cheating and all that crap.

then last night i watched one that came out early last year that i just completely missed that i loved! it was the complete anticedent to "Closer", "Station Agent".

it is the story of a very short man, a dwarf i guess, who moves to this small town and makes friends with a couple of people and the relationships that evolve out of it. he lives in a train depot and becomes the focus of the town as he sorta, well...sticks out. i have never seen a movie where the main star was a small person(are there any others even!?).

it is a slow paced film with great characters and not too hard driving with any moral or anything but makes you appreciate the relationships you can have with strangers and having to relate to people as you walk through life.


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