Saturday, January 15, 2005

last week in Austin.

so it's come to grips and i decided i gots to go home to the freezing great white north.

i am looking forward to being back in my element but not the elements. i looked online today and saw it was one below! i knew i wouldn't stay in Austin forever but i was hoping i would at least miss the winter entirely. all the emails from friends whom i told i was coming back start with "dude, it is fucking cold!" or "it is colder than shit...are you sure you want to come back!?"

oh well, i can now say i have some great friends in Texas. and if i found some decent work and was able to stick it out for a while longer and get my own place i would love to stay.

but i can tell i am crowding Anne a bit and i now know Austin is just a bit too small.

i left Minneapolis because i thought it was a bit too small but i have tons of connections and i am already getting calls for work and a free place to stay for a couple of months!

so i know where home is.

tonight i am going to Kristine's B-Day and "unemployment" party then one more cooking night, some group karaoke, Aesop Rock at Emo's and then hang out with Kate a bit this weekend, the Hustons, then i am outta here.

my Mom should be coming down next week and driving back with me.

yay roadtrip with the Mom!!


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