Sunday, January 23, 2005

funny drummer.

someone on my mailing list told their favorite Johnny Carson story.
i'd never heard it before. but apparently Johnny had Buddy Rich on his show once. he had him on many many times actually.(by the way, Carson when not doing his thing on TV was a drummer and quite good so i have heard.)
so Buddy Rich was to perform that night on the Tonight Show only Johnny before the show had taken razor blades to Buddy Rich's drumheads. small enough so he couldn't see them. but big enough so that his sticks went right through the drums when he started playing. i don't know that this ever got on the air but i would pay to see it. Buddy Rich had the worst temper in the world!
i grew up hearing my parents laughing in the other room at night to Johnny's show. i always liked watching him. he seemed to understand how to entertain people and could always take it when people picked on him.
he always had different drummers on the show and getting to see Ed Shaughnessy, the big dummer with big mutton chops, every night playing with the band was incredible and no doubt an influence on me.
there is nothing like that show on TV now. seems like TV doesn't entertain anymore at all come to think of it. there is all sarcasm, sardonicism and nothing self-effacing about TV personalities now.
there should be more funny drummers on TV again.


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