Tuesday, January 11, 2005

freakin' baby jesus!

yesterday Kate and i did the rounds at some of the antique/thrift shops down on North Loop. didn't really find much. i got Roland Kirk and Jackie Mittoo records that i found used at Sound on Sound.
across this street is a pretty cool thrift store of all sorts of shwank and kitschy items. didn't find anything there but on my way out there was a free box. inside i found some nativity characters so i grabbed them. i thought i could sell them on ebay or something. but Kate informed me a couple characters were missing. some wisemen or something. i figured i would find something to do with them.
we came back to my place and chilled for awhile and ate some leftovers. i was jonesing for some coffee and it was so nice out we took a walk over to Mojo's on Guadalupe.
on the way over we decided to plant some of the nativity characters in random spots along the way.
a wiseman on the ground next to the parking lot of Trudy's. Mary on a post next to the dry cleaners. a little baby Jesus found a home in some crevice on the wall to some abandoned resteraunt.
we made it to Mojo's where i ordered some coffee and my favorite, peacon pie. Kate was illin' a little bit still so got some tea. they always say they will heat up the pie there but it never seems to happen all the way through.
as i paid for everything i happened to notice a little message on the cash register, "freakin' baby jesus!" it said. i explained to the girl working there why i wanted to take it's picture and what we had just been doing. she seemed pretty unimpressed like it was a normal thing for people to be doing around here.
that's Austin, i guess.


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