Thursday, January 27, 2005

back from austin.

we got back yesterday.
it was a quick drive.
there really isn't much to see between Texas and Minnesota. like really nothing. there are a lot of humongus crosses along that stretch of highway. and a "George Bush Turnpike" in Oklahoma.
we stopped in Lawerence, KS which is always a fun little college town. i was wicked tired and fell asleep to "Sex in the City" re-runs.
i think we only stopped a few times on our way out of Lawerence. Minneapolis looked big when we got here. we actually got lost getting off the highway to head out to Golden Valley. it feels great to be back. i went down to the Dinkytowner last night to hear Paul and Rocky spin. Yub and i shot pool.
road travel music was:
Willie Nelson box set.
Alice Coltrane "Translinear Space"(drove my Mom nuts).
Fog "10th Ave. Freakout".
Arcade Fire "Funeral".
Atmosphere "Headshots 7".
Green Day "American Idiot".
John Lennon "The Very Best Of".
Bjork "Greatest Hits".
"300% Dynamite" Soul Jazz Reggae Comp.
Low "Lifetime of Temporary Relief"
a mix CD of soul tunes Fathertime made for me.
U2 "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"
Saint Etienne "Fox Base Alpha"