Thursday, January 27, 2005

back from austin.

we got back yesterday.
it was a quick drive.
there really isn't much to see between Texas and Minnesota. like really nothing. there are a lot of humongus crosses along that stretch of highway. and a "George Bush Turnpike" in Oklahoma.
we stopped in Lawerence, KS which is always a fun little college town. i was wicked tired and fell asleep to "Sex in the City" re-runs.
i think we only stopped a few times on our way out of Lawerence. Minneapolis looked big when we got here. we actually got lost getting off the highway to head out to Golden Valley. it feels great to be back. i went down to the Dinkytowner last night to hear Paul and Rocky spin. Yub and i shot pool.
road travel music was:
Willie Nelson box set.
Alice Coltrane "Translinear Space"(drove my Mom nuts).
Fog "10th Ave. Freakout".
Arcade Fire "Funeral".
Atmosphere "Headshots 7".
Green Day "American Idiot".
John Lennon "The Very Best Of".
Bjork "Greatest Hits".
"300% Dynamite" Soul Jazz Reggae Comp.
Low "Lifetime of Temporary Relief"
a mix CD of soul tunes Fathertime made for me.
U2 "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"
Saint Etienne "Fox Base Alpha"

Monday, January 24, 2005

this guy followed me around in austin.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

funny drummer.

someone on my mailing list told their favorite Johnny Carson story.
i'd never heard it before. but apparently Johnny had Buddy Rich on his show once. he had him on many many times actually.(by the way, Carson when not doing his thing on TV was a drummer and quite good so i have heard.)
so Buddy Rich was to perform that night on the Tonight Show only Johnny before the show had taken razor blades to Buddy Rich's drumheads. small enough so he couldn't see them. but big enough so that his sticks went right through the drums when he started playing. i don't know that this ever got on the air but i would pay to see it. Buddy Rich had the worst temper in the world!
i grew up hearing my parents laughing in the other room at night to Johnny's show. i always liked watching him. he seemed to understand how to entertain people and could always take it when people picked on him.
he always had different drummers on the show and getting to see Ed Shaughnessy, the big dummer with big mutton chops, every night playing with the band was incredible and no doubt an influence on me.
there is nothing like that show on TV now. seems like TV doesn't entertain anymore at all come to think of it. there is all sarcasm, sardonicism and nothing self-effacing about TV personalities now.
there should be more funny drummers on TV again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


hey senator.

one of my favorite websites, the usually vitriolic(they keep calling the inauguration a "coronation") has a quick editorial on the ol' Senator, Wellstone. they are also offering the newly released documentary on him. i haven't seen it yet but saw a rough cut of some scenes about a year ago. it is always invigorating watching him speak. the same feeling you get when you see MLK speechificating or watch Bruce Springsteen or Chuck D perform. after he died i remember MPR played several of his more historic and significant speeches in the senate and on various campaign trails. unlike most "politicians" these days, he truly was the real deal.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

last week in Austin.

so it's come to grips and i decided i gots to go home to the freezing great white north.

i am looking forward to being back in my element but not the elements. i looked online today and saw it was one below! i knew i wouldn't stay in Austin forever but i was hoping i would at least miss the winter entirely. all the emails from friends whom i told i was coming back start with "dude, it is fucking cold!" or "it is colder than shit...are you sure you want to come back!?"

oh well, i can now say i have some great friends in Texas. and if i found some decent work and was able to stick it out for a while longer and get my own place i would love to stay.

but i can tell i am crowding Anne a bit and i now know Austin is just a bit too small.

i left Minneapolis because i thought it was a bit too small but i have tons of connections and i am already getting calls for work and a free place to stay for a couple of months!

so i know where home is.

tonight i am going to Kristine's B-Day and "unemployment" party then one more cooking night, some group karaoke, Aesop Rock at Emo's and then hang out with Kate a bit this weekend, the Hustons, then i am outta here.

my Mom should be coming down next week and driving back with me.

yay roadtrip with the Mom!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

freakin' baby jesus!

yesterday Kate and i did the rounds at some of the antique/thrift shops down on North Loop. didn't really find much. i got Roland Kirk and Jackie Mittoo records that i found used at Sound on Sound.
across this street is a pretty cool thrift store of all sorts of shwank and kitschy items. didn't find anything there but on my way out there was a free box. inside i found some nativity characters so i grabbed them. i thought i could sell them on ebay or something. but Kate informed me a couple characters were missing. some wisemen or something. i figured i would find something to do with them.
we came back to my place and chilled for awhile and ate some leftovers. i was jonesing for some coffee and it was so nice out we took a walk over to Mojo's on Guadalupe.
on the way over we decided to plant some of the nativity characters in random spots along the way.
a wiseman on the ground next to the parking lot of Trudy's. Mary on a post next to the dry cleaners. a little baby Jesus found a home in some crevice on the wall to some abandoned resteraunt.
we made it to Mojo's where i ordered some coffee and my favorite, peacon pie. Kate was illin' a little bit still so got some tea. they always say they will heat up the pie there but it never seems to happen all the way through.
as i paid for everything i happened to notice a little message on the cash register, "freakin' baby jesus!" it said. i explained to the girl working there why i wanted to take it's picture and what we had just been doing. she seemed pretty unimpressed like it was a normal thing for people to be doing around here.
that's Austin, i guess.

Monday, January 10, 2005

knock knock knockin'.

man. on Praire Home Companion this weekend my old friend, Jana, and the Mila Vocal Ensemble she sings with performed with Garrison and Crew.

it was something else!

Mila used to be part of the Ethnic Dance Theatre group in Minneapolis.

they do some amazing things. being as true to ethnic traditions as possible, often right down to the thread count in thier costumes, schooling and entertaining audiences at the same time. i always admired the passion theses gals had about singing this really difficult style of music.

on the show this weekend they did some traditional European folk stuff, Bulgarian and Ukrainian, i believe. then later in the show they did some back-ups with Pat Donahue on a moving version of "Knockin' on Heavens Door", singing in Ukrainian!

yow! gave me goose bumps!

word is they have been invited back in the spring or summer sometime.

big ups Mila!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

small person.

i have been really into movies lately. i guess it's from being around Anne so much. she has seen every movie in the world it seems.

we watched "School of Rock" again recently, which is a recent discovery of mine and i love it. also rented "Control Room", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Supersize Me", i watched "Annie Hall" for the billionth time.

Kate and i saw "Closer" the other night. now that movie really sucked! i don't know why i wanted to see it as a lot of people didn't reccomend it. i think i was getting it confused with something else as it was really bad and pretty pointless. reminded me of another movie, "Friends and Neighbors" which was another one about pretty girls that go out with asshole guys and sex and cheating and all that crap.

then last night i watched one that came out early last year that i just completely missed that i loved! it was the complete anticedent to "Closer", "Station Agent".

it is the story of a very short man, a dwarf i guess, who moves to this small town and makes friends with a couple of people and the relationships that evolve out of it. he lives in a train depot and becomes the focus of the town as he sorta, well...sticks out. i have never seen a movie where the main star was a small person(are there any others even!?).

it is a slow paced film with great characters and not too hard driving with any moral or anything but makes you appreciate the relationships you can have with strangers and having to relate to people as you walk through life.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

stop already.

"they dream of the sounds they heard from the transistor airwaves" is the title of the massive triptych painting i been working on for the last couple of months. i am having trouble with the firt part of it and finishing it. the more i work on it the more the rest of it gets sorta off balance and the more i screw it all up. i wish i had my old art professor, Bill Roode, looking over my shoulder as he used to, telling me "...stop already!".

in any case i am very pleased with it so far.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

new year resolution.

happy new year!

i spent new year's eve walking around the neighborhood. i find i run into different people, places and things everytime i venture around this little area i been living, between Hyde Park and the University.

i was looking for the new issue of Heeb magazine , it's got a cover story on the Beastie Boys, so i went over to Barnes and Noble on the Guadalupe drag. they of course did not have it.

but it gave me a chance to check out Texadelphia sandwich shop, which Sam swears by. it was alright, probably better if you are of the carnivorous variety. but it was good and it gave me a chance to get back to another ongoing photo project i have been slowly working on, a collection of pictures of kids giving me the thumbs up like the Fonz.

i am thinking a book for kids on the history of the Fonz, what he means and ways to guide kids to be "cool like Fonzie".(a line i cribbed from "Pulp Fiction")

i got this great picture and their Dad wasn't weirded out and didn't seem too worried about what i was going to use it for.

i walked back towards Anne's and happened upon some college aged dudes hanging out in the garage and playing music. there was a bumper sticker on one the cars in the driveway that said "salam"(in arabic), "shalom"(hebrew) and "peace". so i knew they were wit' it.

stoned(very stoned) soul grooves, rhyming(more like mumbling) on the mic and everyone was taking turns on assorted instruments, popping, clanging and banging. some of the guys were wearing big airtraffic controller like ear plugs. i started taking pictures of these cats. they didn't barely flinch and motioned to me to pick up an instrument. i took over on drums when the one guy got up to pack a bowl.

we threw down for a while, mashing up the disco, funk, reggae riddims and some old school hip hop beats. i hung out for a while with these guys. i can only remember Ron's name, but they were all really nice and invited me out with them to grab a Thundercloud and some afternoon soccer. i had to get back but thanked them for letting me play with them and they told me to drop by again sometime.

later, i decided to keep new year's chill, instead of meeting some peeps down on 6th, i went to dinner with Anne and Heather to one of my favorite spots since i been here, The Thai Kitchen .

always awesome, we talked to the lady that runs the place with her husband. i asked her if she had any folks back home and if they were alright. she said they are all fine and that her brother was on his way to the coast from Bangkok, only he couldn't get his car started to get there the day the tidal waves hit.

she wanted us to kinda eat quick as they were closing soon and wanted to get over to their other shop across town where they were going to celebrate. i told her i eat slow and that i "wanted to finish the year with a clean plate". it drove Heather nuts as i ate nearly every piece of rice one by one with my sticks.

later we went down the street to Nadine, Krista and Nathan's. they are a nice family. Nadine is two and she was sleeping most of the time. but there were some other peeps there. we had the record player going and Krista poured me a vodka in pomegranite juice.

i hung out with one of the guest's son, Daniel, most of the time. he is six and seemed excited about hugging his mom on new year's. i tried to get him to count down from 1800 when it was a half hour to midnite. he didn't really go for it.

instead i taught him how to play vinyl records and showed him which ones were the coolest. we choreographed a call and response drum session on a planter that was on the porch along with a karate dance that we did at midnite. he also did a dedication to Anne and Heather with the copy of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" that Nathan had in his stack. he told me about one of his favorite books "Around the World in 80 Days" but i explained it to him that this dude, Prince, was so bad-ass that he did it in one and that he should check out THAT record. Nathan didn't have it but we rocked "Purple Rain" for a while as it was always Anne and mine's favorite as well.

we talked about New Years resolutions and Daniel couldn't seem to come up with one. i told him he should stay nice to mom and not always play gamecube "until his finger hurt". he seemed cool with that.

i couldn't seem to come up with one for myself, except to do more yoga. it has been months since i have done it and i am probably pretty stiff and tight in my back. seems like an easy resolution.

the other resolution i thought of is a more general one i reccomend others to follow.

it is a choice between two: don't smoke cigarettes or make babies.