Monday, December 20, 2004

talk to me about fashion.

i had a awesome dream this morning.
for some reason it involved an old school-friend of mine, Kris Herberg. though she wasn't in my dream at all. it was her baby. her husband dropped him off at my house for me to babysit. as far as i know Kris isn't currently married and has no children. so who knows why it was hers.
so i am watching this baby. he is tiny. like fresh out of the womb and no bigger than my hand.
but he starts talking and doing these impressions.
at one point he says, "hey, listen to me talk like a nigerian man". then he goes off with the accent and talking about politics or something.
i get really excited and put the baby in my pocket and run off to show my Mom.
i was like "Mom, check this kid out, he just spoke to me like an Nigerian!"
i tell it to speak to my Mom like that and he says, "i will talk to you like a rabbi...", then in a New York jew Jackie Mason-like accent he says "eh? want to talk about women!? talk to me about fashion!!"
so surreal. this will either be in a movie i make someday or told to a therapist for interpretation.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, A fellow member of the class of '92. Kris was not a friend of mine but often in my dreams. Probably one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She was admired by many. Still single you say? I wonder why?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not a member but I am friend with Dan's ... Anyway, I was and still am good friends with Kris and I wanna know who in God's name you are... Were you googling Kris or something...Should we be worried????

Please let us know who you are...It will be fun...

Anne Glickman

12:01 AM  

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