Tuesday, December 14, 2004

purple rain at alamo.

it is feeling more and more like winter in Austin.

i am still walking around in a sweatshirt but i see people with scarves and hats. i guess 50 degrees is hat weather.

my paint brushes froze in the garage where i am working on the triptych. it is hard to work in there now as it is pretty cold and i am not so inspired as of late. but i have a bunch of ideas in my head. i may have to buck up and make some hot cider and work out there 'til it's done.

Isis was in town visiting me this past week. it was wonderful weather and we took many hikes. along the river and town lake. it was gorgeous out and i saw a bit of town i haven't seen yet. especially all the ducks and huge swans that hang out down there.

we also hosted a pot luck latke party for cooking night. a bunch of folks whom i have befriended came over and we got merry with food and wine. that was really nice. Isis did a bang up job on the latkes!

Sunday night, Isis, Kate and i went for a stroll down 37th street near my house. every year the houses there put up an insane light display that eveyone goes to see. it was pretty over the top!

aside from that it doesn't feel like "the holidays" though. without the snow it is strange. it feels more like September to me. i am pretty oblivious to it all right now. turns out Anne is going to be in Maine until the 29th. i was hoping to spend christmas together as we have in the past.

i have been feeling a bit homesick and missing things like the snow. i don't miss the cold per say but the glint of the flakes when they float down and the warmth of fresh snow. walking down by the Mississippi and the feeling i remember from walking around my neighborhood around the time of christmas last year. i have a bunch of drawings i made on my laptop of that time and the cityscape and lights.

we saw the Magnetic Fields on Friday and i thought of their song "love is lighter than air". i always sang that song to myself when i'd see those huge flakes floating down. they didn't play that song but it reminded me of that.

this weekend the Alamo Drafthouse(the greatest movie theater in the world as far as i know) is showing "Purple Rain" for their midnight show. it is not the best movie, of course, but the music is incredible and i can't wait to see shots of Mpls. i guess it is perfect timing for me. i can't stop talking about it all week! Posted by Hello


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