Thursday, December 30, 2004

pure trash.

Andy Goldsworthy, Hole in leaves sinking…

so it's the end of the year. time for everyone's "lists" of the year.

i don't know that i can make lists like this. i think my favorite moments the past year came from living and not necessarily my observations of life that could surmount said events into highlights or cornerstones.

my friend Kristen calls me and herself "ruminators". in that we analyze too much, sometimes perpetuating only the ruminations and working our thoughts into a corner than progressing in the actual life we are trying to ponder. like a dog chasing it's tale.

it's partly why i decided to whole up for a while on my own. mainly for the purpose of climbing back into the cacoon for a while and see what's up. taking a break from the distractions and sitting with the piles of your thoughts like corn, pulling the surfaces off looking for the gold and planting the kernals you see yourself in.

i don't know that they are the "best of the year" but these are a few sites and sounds i found best helped with the shucking and jiving:

Dosh "Pure Trash". i have much love for Martin. being a fellow drummer/artist/sound constructo-whatever myself i see what he is hearing and hear what he is seeing. several nights in a row i had this disc on repeat while i fell asleep and awoke. constantly waking up in the middle of the night to his wife's voice, "being pregnant isn't weird...".

Beastie Boys "To the 5 Boroughs". i had the best time i can remember last October, seeing my heros at the Erwin Center. i bought a single ticket and ended up with a phat seat, first level near the mainfloor, next to Jamie who drove all the way from N'ahlin's for the show. Jamie and i partied like we were in high school. smoked the kind, downed beers(before concessions RAN OUT!!??) and mimed and rhymed along to every song we knew, which was all of them. after we hit the Hole in the Wall for some pinball we got lost walking home in an incredible downpour. our souls were cleansed and we were soaked. i gave Jamie some dry clothes and offered him a couch to crash on as it was 3AM. but he insisted on driving up to Houston where he "gots a girl".

Bob Dylan "Chronicles Vol. One". reading how Bob does, or did, motivated my blogging. living life, documenting it and moving on and moving on and moving...on. not only keeped me in check but inspired me when i saw Bob on 60 Minutes, squriming like he still hasn't figured it out. he just does it. my favorite chapter was about the recording of "No Mercy" which was a record i had never heard before. i went out and bought it and love how short it is, pretty much doubled the amount of times i played it.

Andy Goldsworthy: Mountain and Coast Autumn into Winter. while she was in town visiting me, Isis and i hit the Austin Museum of Art. the show was mostly just photographs of Andy's work which i had never seen before. his work is increible! they also showed a film about him, documenting his process. his style, to me, is very Asian. it is about the slow process, nature, patience and time. the rest of the week, Isis and i took long walks along the river and Town Lake. it seemed like everything i saw could be a potential Goldsworthy. we talked about collecting stuff and attempting our own. but i kept seeing it happening naturally everywhere we went. led me to think, sometimes it's not about doing it. but seeing it. everywhere.


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