Wednesday, December 22, 2004

pagan holiday.

went to see Kate last night. she is illin' a bit.

seems many people i know in different parts of the country are coming down with something. i am lucky i suppose, knock on wood. it was about 67 degrees here yesterday. definately cooler today out. good things i got the fleece pullover for hanukah from the folks!

there is a cat i want to take home with me that hangs out around Kate's apartment. the girl next door who is it's owner has four dogs(two really cute pit pull puppies) and two cats. i guess the cats are a package deal so if i took one i'd have to take both. i may just have to kidnap the black one with white sox before she moves at the end of the month.

i stayed on Kristine's couch so i could take her to the airport at the wicked hour of 6AM this morning. she had more energy than any human should have that early in the morning. excited to be home and see the fam i suppose.

speaking of humans my friend Helget called me yesterday to ask me "a kinda personal question". he said his office was designing some new applications and they were considering taking "jewish" off the list of nationalities. he argued for it as he knows a lot of people(myself included) consider it one apart from the others.

perhaps. i am not too religious but still identify myself that way since people often seem to want to know.

but i would probably agree with an applicant he told me about that checked the "other" box and wrote "human" in. "after all, Danny, we are all brothers, right?" he said laughing.

i know why they designate that stuff. but in the end it is all pretty nonsense. i suppose someday you won't be able to tell or care about that stuff.

i got back home and Helget had sent me an holiday e-card. it was from the Rolling Stone's website and had live version of "Beast of Burden" playing with it. that's my favorite Stones tune to do at karaoke!

Anne gets back Xmas day afterall. i am excited to see her. should put a new and welcome dynamic on my Austin experience. Christmas with Anne has been somewhat a tradition a few times through the years.

somewhere i still have a drawing we made together at my parents of us. we called it "Pagan Holiday". i hope to finish the large painting i started last month this weekend. perhaps it'll be a sequal.
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