Friday, December 24, 2004

cosmic slop comes to an end.

this coming sunday, the day after x-mas, my good friends and big brothers in the radio struggle, Chuck and Joel, are ending the long standing run of their show, Cosmic Slop.

i have known these guys since the beginning of Radio K and i can't think of anyone else i have learned more music from. i was lucky enough to work side by side with both Chuck and Joel for several years.

not more than anyone else has listening to two guys go on endlessly(sometimes) about their obsession has made mine seem the more normal.

co-patriot in retro-radio, Ron "Boogie Monster" Gerber recently had Chuck and Joel on his radio show, Crap from the Past, and interviewed them about the history of Cosmic Slop.

congrats Chuck and Joel on a great run!


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