Friday, December 31, 2004

bangin' and clangin'

Thursday, December 30, 2004

pure trash.

Andy Goldsworthy, Hole in leaves sinking…

so it's the end of the year. time for everyone's "lists" of the year.

i don't know that i can make lists like this. i think my favorite moments the past year came from living and not necessarily my observations of life that could surmount said events into highlights or cornerstones.

my friend Kristen calls me and herself "ruminators". in that we analyze too much, sometimes perpetuating only the ruminations and working our thoughts into a corner than progressing in the actual life we are trying to ponder. like a dog chasing it's tale.

it's partly why i decided to whole up for a while on my own. mainly for the purpose of climbing back into the cacoon for a while and see what's up. taking a break from the distractions and sitting with the piles of your thoughts like corn, pulling the surfaces off looking for the gold and planting the kernals you see yourself in.

i don't know that they are the "best of the year" but these are a few sites and sounds i found best helped with the shucking and jiving:

Dosh "Pure Trash". i have much love for Martin. being a fellow drummer/artist/sound constructo-whatever myself i see what he is hearing and hear what he is seeing. several nights in a row i had this disc on repeat while i fell asleep and awoke. constantly waking up in the middle of the night to his wife's voice, "being pregnant isn't weird...".

Beastie Boys "To the 5 Boroughs". i had the best time i can remember last October, seeing my heros at the Erwin Center. i bought a single ticket and ended up with a phat seat, first level near the mainfloor, next to Jamie who drove all the way from N'ahlin's for the show. Jamie and i partied like we were in high school. smoked the kind, downed beers(before concessions RAN OUT!!??) and mimed and rhymed along to every song we knew, which was all of them. after we hit the Hole in the Wall for some pinball we got lost walking home in an incredible downpour. our souls were cleansed and we were soaked. i gave Jamie some dry clothes and offered him a couch to crash on as it was 3AM. but he insisted on driving up to Houston where he "gots a girl".

Bob Dylan "Chronicles Vol. One". reading how Bob does, or did, motivated my blogging. living life, documenting it and moving on and moving on and moving...on. not only keeped me in check but inspired me when i saw Bob on 60 Minutes, squriming like he still hasn't figured it out. he just does it. my favorite chapter was about the recording of "No Mercy" which was a record i had never heard before. i went out and bought it and love how short it is, pretty much doubled the amount of times i played it.

Andy Goldsworthy: Mountain and Coast Autumn into Winter. while she was in town visiting me, Isis and i hit the Austin Museum of Art. the show was mostly just photographs of Andy's work which i had never seen before. his work is increible! they also showed a film about him, documenting his process. his style, to me, is very Asian. it is about the slow process, nature, patience and time. the rest of the week, Isis and i took long walks along the river and Town Lake. it seemed like everything i saw could be a potential Goldsworthy. we talked about collecting stuff and attempting our own. but i kept seeing it happening naturally everywhere we went. led me to think, sometimes it's not about doing it. but seeing it. everywhere.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


finally got the new Alice Coltrane CD "Translinear Light".

i didn't even know she had a new one this year until i heard about it on NPR.

it would be great to see a resurgence for her music.

i think her and John(she does some of his songs on here) were onto something back in the day.

Friday, December 24, 2004

cosmic slop comes to an end.

this coming sunday, the day after x-mas, my good friends and big brothers in the radio struggle, Chuck and Joel, are ending the long standing run of their show, Cosmic Slop.

i have known these guys since the beginning of Radio K and i can't think of anyone else i have learned more music from. i was lucky enough to work side by side with both Chuck and Joel for several years.

not more than anyone else has listening to two guys go on endlessly(sometimes) about their obsession has made mine seem the more normal.

co-patriot in retro-radio, Ron "Boogie Monster" Gerber recently had Chuck and Joel on his radio show, Crap from the Past, and interviewed them about the history of Cosmic Slop.

congrats Chuck and Joel on a great run!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

for the rest of us.

today is Festivus!

a couple great stories out there. one about how they wouldn't allow Festivus to be displayed pubicly along with a nativity scene in Florida.

another on the roots of the holiday. it goes back longer than we knew.

happy Festivus everyone, i am very disappointed in you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

pagan holiday.

went to see Kate last night. she is illin' a bit.

seems many people i know in different parts of the country are coming down with something. i am lucky i suppose, knock on wood. it was about 67 degrees here yesterday. definately cooler today out. good things i got the fleece pullover for hanukah from the folks!

there is a cat i want to take home with me that hangs out around Kate's apartment. the girl next door who is it's owner has four dogs(two really cute pit pull puppies) and two cats. i guess the cats are a package deal so if i took one i'd have to take both. i may just have to kidnap the black one with white sox before she moves at the end of the month.

i stayed on Kristine's couch so i could take her to the airport at the wicked hour of 6AM this morning. she had more energy than any human should have that early in the morning. excited to be home and see the fam i suppose.

speaking of humans my friend Helget called me yesterday to ask me "a kinda personal question". he said his office was designing some new applications and they were considering taking "jewish" off the list of nationalities. he argued for it as he knows a lot of people(myself included) consider it one apart from the others.

perhaps. i am not too religious but still identify myself that way since people often seem to want to know.

but i would probably agree with an applicant he told me about that checked the "other" box and wrote "human" in. "after all, Danny, we are all brothers, right?" he said laughing.

i know why they designate that stuff. but in the end it is all pretty nonsense. i suppose someday you won't be able to tell or care about that stuff.

i got back home and Helget had sent me an holiday e-card. it was from the Rolling Stone's website and had live version of "Beast of Burden" playing with it. that's my favorite Stones tune to do at karaoke!

Anne gets back Xmas day afterall. i am excited to see her. should put a new and welcome dynamic on my Austin experience. Christmas with Anne has been somewhat a tradition a few times through the years.

somewhere i still have a drawing we made together at my parents of us. we called it "Pagan Holiday". i hope to finish the large painting i started last month this weekend. perhaps it'll be a sequal.
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Monday, December 20, 2004

talk to me about fashion.

i had a awesome dream this morning.
for some reason it involved an old school-friend of mine, Kris Herberg. though she wasn't in my dream at all. it was her baby. her husband dropped him off at my house for me to babysit. as far as i know Kris isn't currently married and has no children. so who knows why it was hers.
so i am watching this baby. he is tiny. like fresh out of the womb and no bigger than my hand.
but he starts talking and doing these impressions.
at one point he says, "hey, listen to me talk like a nigerian man". then he goes off with the accent and talking about politics or something.
i get really excited and put the baby in my pocket and run off to show my Mom.
i was like "Mom, check this kid out, he just spoke to me like an Nigerian!"
i tell it to speak to my Mom like that and he says, "i will talk to you like a rabbi...", then in a New York jew Jackie Mason-like accent he says "eh? want to talk about women!? talk to me about fashion!!"
so surreal. this will either be in a movie i make someday or told to a therapist for interpretation.
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Friday, December 17, 2004

how do you see Minneapolis.

"how do you see Minneapolis." is meant to be an ongoing photo collaboration with people all over the world who are basically strangers.

mainly out of boredom and the isolation of winter and working from home i thought up the idea while selling a bunch of my stuff on ebay.

i took one of my drawings of the Minneapolis cityscape and made a postcard out of it. this is the same image for a while i had pasted up on several street lightposts in my neighborhood.

i used the postcard to write little thank you notes to the people who bought things from me, mainly books and CD's. i been collecting music for years and had amassed far too much then i could ever listen to or wanted. i was on a new kick to not only do my own work from home but to also purge most of my possessions.

in each package going out to my buyers i would also send a small note asking for each person to photograph themselves with my postcard and email it to me if possible. i figured with the rising popularity of digital camers and such it would be easy to do.

at this point i have sent out about 300 and have gotten back 30 or so.

one guy was really into it and took pictures of his whole family, kids, grandparents and all. he and i still correspond and he recently sent me some Ozomatli bootlegs he had gotten.(he bought one of their CD's from me)

it had been a while since i had started and it seemed like no one was into the idea. then Jim Knapp(2nd row from the bottom, two over from the left) from Auburn, Washington was the first one to participate. it was like receiving a note in a bottle on a desert island.

this was the dead of winter. i wasn't working a regular job and barely left my house except for my post office runs a couple of times a week. i swear i was getting "the shining"!

slowly the emails with attached photos would arrive. often around the same time then nothing for weeks. often people would email me asking what it was all about and wish me luck or would say they would eventually send something and never would.

i didn't keep track of what it was the people had gotten from me. i was sending out dozens of packages a day. i figured if they reminded me then fine, but i decided it wasn't important.

in one shot you can see Jan Van den Ouwelant from the Netherlands holding the Kenny Burrell CD he bought from me.

basically, i wanted to take the idea of some grafitti artists and emulate the concept in my own way.

the graffiti artist takes their "art" and puts it everywhere for people to see. or so that they can see their "art" wherever they go. often then the interpretation of tags, stickers, stencils or throw-ups become part of the dialogue, often negative, the public then has with the "artist".

a recent example of this is Shepard Fairey and his "Obey Giant" images.

i had been doing my own tags for a while but wasn't really aggressive about it. i felt pretty lame about what i was doing didn't have the bravado to do publically what i really wanted to do anyway. and unless something is really thought out i would argue against graffiti in general. though i would say when it is well done, i am a big fan and always look forward to new stuff when i see it.

but i wanted to reach farther out. i wanted my image to be dispersed in a similar manner, in this case via technology, and then returned and given back through the "eye" or interpretation of my collaborators.

when i started i hadn't really thought out the whole concept but was working with what i had and figured that eventually when enough images were collected i would be able to better solidify what i was trying to do. to be in keeping with the graffiti tradition the image of the city or "street" would be used.

i wanted to encompass the graffiti phenomenon in something that in the end i would have control over as my image is the constant within in each submission and i would be able to manipulate them as well.

with the help of my graphic artist friend, Liz, i mounted the images and assembled them for display for the first time this past summer at Vera's in Minneapolis.

one of the participants offered to have me out to his college in Idaho to display it there but we weren't able to work it out.

i hope to keep going this next year and watch the "photo mosaic" as i call it grow.

oh, before i forget. happy birthday Dad!
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

hoodie of the day.

good god. this is ridiculous. i really didn't say this stuff.(except for the freezing my nuts off part). do i get a free hoodie??

vote for me!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

purple rain at alamo.

it is feeling more and more like winter in Austin.

i am still walking around in a sweatshirt but i see people with scarves and hats. i guess 50 degrees is hat weather.

my paint brushes froze in the garage where i am working on the triptych. it is hard to work in there now as it is pretty cold and i am not so inspired as of late. but i have a bunch of ideas in my head. i may have to buck up and make some hot cider and work out there 'til it's done.

Isis was in town visiting me this past week. it was wonderful weather and we took many hikes. along the river and town lake. it was gorgeous out and i saw a bit of town i haven't seen yet. especially all the ducks and huge swans that hang out down there.

we also hosted a pot luck latke party for cooking night. a bunch of folks whom i have befriended came over and we got merry with food and wine. that was really nice. Isis did a bang up job on the latkes!

Sunday night, Isis, Kate and i went for a stroll down 37th street near my house. every year the houses there put up an insane light display that eveyone goes to see. it was pretty over the top!

aside from that it doesn't feel like "the holidays" though. without the snow it is strange. it feels more like September to me. i am pretty oblivious to it all right now. turns out Anne is going to be in Maine until the 29th. i was hoping to spend christmas together as we have in the past.

i have been feeling a bit homesick and missing things like the snow. i don't miss the cold per say but the glint of the flakes when they float down and the warmth of fresh snow. walking down by the Mississippi and the feeling i remember from walking around my neighborhood around the time of christmas last year. i have a bunch of drawings i made on my laptop of that time and the cityscape and lights.

we saw the Magnetic Fields on Friday and i thought of their song "love is lighter than air". i always sang that song to myself when i'd see those huge flakes floating down. they didn't play that song but it reminded me of that.

this weekend the Alamo Drafthouse(the greatest movie theater in the world as far as i know) is showing "Purple Rain" for their midnight show. it is not the best movie, of course, but the music is incredible and i can't wait to see shots of Mpls. i guess it is perfect timing for me. i can't stop talking about it all week! Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

paper cranes


Thai officials drop paper cranes in peace-keeping effort

Rungrawee C. Pinyorat
Associated Press
Published December 6, 2004

BANGKOK, THAILAND -- In a novel approach to peacemaking -- and damage control -- Thai warplanes dropped millions of folded paper cranes over the country's troubled southern provinces, expressing hope for an end to the separatist violence that has killed hundreds in the Muslim-dominated region.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declared the origami missives a success, saying they had an "enormous positive psychological effect," reminding southerners that they are part of Thai society and that their countrymen care for them.

Even so, the campaign didn't stop the violence. A 22-pound bomb was discovered -- and safely defused -- Sunday on a road crowded with people waiting to gather the paper cranes, a peace symbol borrowed from Japan and familiar to most Asians.

Hours later, suspected Muslim extremists shot a grocery owner to death, hurled grenades at the homes of two policemen and set fire to a school and a teacher's house.

Fit for a festival

Thais across the country -- Cabinet ministers, office workers, schoolchildren and even convicts -- had been making the birds for the past two weeks, encouraged by the government.

About 120 million cranes were folded for the occasion, also meant to honor Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej on his 77th birthday, the government said.

A festival-like atmosphere prevailed in many areas in the south, as children raced to grab the birds. Young and old were excited at the prospect of finding the one bird folded and signed by Shinawatra, which carries the promise of a scholarship if found by a child or a job for an adult.

More than 50 warplanes, including C-130 transports, carried out the airdrops over the southernmost provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, the only Muslim-majority region in the Buddhist-dominated country.

More than 540 people have died there this year in violence blamed on Islamic separatists. The government was heavily criticized after 85 Muslim demonstrators died during their arrests on Oct. 25, including 78 who suffocated or were crushed when soldiers stacked them on top of one
another in military trucks.

Mixed reaction

The reaction to the peace campaign was mixed.

In Yala's remote Krong Pinang district, where separatist sentiment has been strong, Yarodah Lasae picked up several of the birds, one of which carried the message: "Wish to See Peace in the South."

"I have long been waiting for this day, and I'm very happy that the government and Thai people care for people in the three southern provinces," she said.

Others, however, would not be swayed.

Natthakarn Temasa, 41, a local official in Tak Bai, said her son was among those who died in the Oct. 25 incident.

"I am thankful for the moral support that has been given to us, but it is hard for me to get any good feelings back after one of my sons was killed and another injured," Natthakarn said.

Friday, December 03, 2004

first date in austin.

tonight i partook in austin's "first thursdays".

they turn south congress street into this kind of sidewalk street fair. it was really fun. there was lots of arts and crafts and i saw a "sign language choir" do christmas songs and a zydeco band that had a 5 year old drummer. no joke! he was really good! shit!