Tuesday, November 30, 2004

babies. burning. blah.

wow. had a really great week!

started off with Sam and Megan coming into town. they stayed at her folks place which is really close to Anne's so that was convenient. Mom and Dad came as well and stayed at the Huston's friend, Alethia's, across town.

only before the 'rents came Craig and Alecia drove up from visiting his sister's in Houston for some pre-thanksgiving fun!

they are coming along about 10 weeks into her pregnancy. i guess they are going to find out what it is when they get home. man, it's that time of the year i suppose, i know a lot of people having babies now!

it was great hanging out with the family. Sam and Megan are always really fun and nice to be around. i was so happy to see the folks too. they were in great spirits the whole time. Mom always cracks me up.

we did more stuff than i can mention. seems like we had every kind of food i can imagine.

we saw "Polar Express" at the giant 3D Imax theater. that was insane!

while at dinner one night we tried the "Love Tester" machine that was standing by the doorway while we waited for our table.

i tried it once and got "sexy". Sam was next and got the lowest rating..."blah". Ted got "clammy" and Sam tried again and still got "blah". i tried it once more and got a bit higher rating, "burning". oh yeah!

when they got home to Minneapolis there was news on their machine from the doctor. turns out Megan and "Blah" are pregnant!


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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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