Friday, October 08, 2004

cooking waffles.

i unaffordingly bought a bunch of CD's this week from some of my favorites of all time. i have been a good boy.
R.E.M.-not blowing me away though neither did "Automatic" the first time and i love it now. though i really liked "Reveal" which most people view as a completely retarded record.
Waits- he could change up his shtick. but then, why?
Talib Kweli's new one-not as good as "Reflection Eternal" but not as polishd as "Quality". shouldn't matter if you don't care.
De La Soul. more like "Stakes is High" then last couple which were often too overproduced. though "Baby Phat" was an incredible song.
Bjork. totally insane.
Green Day. the Prince equivalent of the "Batman" soundtrack if you think "1999" was his "Dookie". i probably need to listen more to the "story".


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