Sunday, October 31, 2004

halloween in Austin.

Danny and sis' in law, Kelley. Austin, TX. 10/31/05

Monday, October 18, 2004


while in town i got to see this amazing show at Creative Electric.

the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists are unreal!

they set the place up to look like a normal "nature reserve" museum exhibit or some such. but the actual animals behind the glass are some of the most twisted things i have ever seen.

taxidermy is creepy enough but these things are beyond that!

three headed squirrels, a raccon head in a cereal bowl, two headed chick and various made up animals, it's totally unreal.

often on sundays the gallery keeps its door open and random folks from the neighborhood stop by and check out what is up this time at this strange place.
a group of kids came by and were stunned. they did not know what to make of it. "are these really real?", "where did you find these?!". we were laughing very hard.

good work guys. you have topped yourselves! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 08, 2004

army dudes.

so i flew home from TX today.
Austin to Dallas(the worst airport in the world). Dallas to Minnie.
there were about a dozen or so army guys on my plane flying home. i noticed one gal in uniform as well.
i didn't think anything of it except for noticing how happy they all seemed. CNN news was on the TV in our terminall. the headlines were about Kerry Bush campaiging, Bahgdad hotel bombings. and how for the millionth time some comittee or inspector declared Iraq never had WMD's AFTERALL(?!?!?!!!) and thankfully highlights from the the AL playoffs(my Dad got us tix for Saturday!!!).
no one said anything. i wanted to eavesdrop and hear what these guys might be saying. i assumed they were coming from somewhere over there and thought i'd get some sort of inside scoop. instead conversation was no where near any of it. and i guess i wouldn't blame them.
anyway. i ended up sitting next to one of the soldiers. he basically immediately started talking to me how he had spent the last 24 hours or so in various airplanes to get home to Iowa to see his family.
i could kinda tell he wanted me to ask about where he was coming from, what he did, etc.. but i honestly didn't even know where to begin. at this point i was tired and wanted to listen to all the MP3's i downloaded for my flight and read the "Art in America" magazine i took along.(incidentally there is an excellent piece on war imagery in the arts, graffitti, etc.. and how it isolates an experience to make a point, duh!)
so since i could potentially be interested i perked up and without asking too much to alleviate too deep a discussion i let him breath out what he was thinking about.
he told me he was in Kuwait, Afganistan, back to Kuwait, Afganistan, etc.. never Iraq as i could tell. i never asked what he did but it sounded like he was a patrol guy of some sort.
he had a couple scars on his cheek. but it didn't look like anything severe. he was white, blond, probably early to mid 20's. he had a 3 year old boy, 5 year old daughter wife and mom that was picking him up in Sioux Falls.
he hadn't been home since April. he was supposed to have been back a couple weeks ago. he was going to be home for about 2 weeks. then didn't seem to know where he'd be.
the thought blew me away.
in the moment he was the happiest guy in the world. totally exhausted. but absolutely motivated to be able to see his kids again. he kept mentioning his daughter.

cooking waffles.

i unaffordingly bought a bunch of CD's this week from some of my favorites of all time. i have been a good boy.
R.E.M.-not blowing me away though neither did "Automatic" the first time and i love it now. though i really liked "Reveal" which most people view as a completely retarded record.
Waits- he could change up his shtick. but then, why?
Talib Kweli's new one-not as good as "Reflection Eternal" but not as polishd as "Quality". shouldn't matter if you don't care.
De La Soul. more like "Stakes is High" then last couple which were often too overproduced. though "Baby Phat" was an incredible song.
Bjork. totally insane.
Green Day. the Prince equivalent of the "Batman" soundtrack if you think "1999" was his "Dookie". i probably need to listen more to the "story".

Saturday, October 02, 2004


yesterday i went on a hunt for some drums and came up somewhat fruitful, and then some...

i found a used lovely silver-sparkle Premier birch 4 piece. nice small drums that sound great! i need to get some stands and cymbals and something to sit on, you know how it is..

the Guitar Center where i bought them was in the Northwood shopping mall in "north" Austin. i took a stroll through the mall. it reminded me of Knollwood Mall in St. Louis Park, MN. where i grew up shopping for rock t-shirts and playing video games. my brother once had the high score to Q*Bert there for a solid month!

this mall was depressing though. it was friday afternoon and it was totally dead. virtually no one was there except the people working. i was thinking maybe there would be a CD store. seeing how i haven't bought music in a mall since the Q*Bert days, i thought it would be kinda fun to get the new Green Day CD i have been wanting there.

as i walked by each shop it seemed they would perk up thinking i might walk into one of them. there was the typical mall stores: video games, DVD, paintings of unicorns, and a jewelry store but no CD store. there was an old man in the jewlery store who looked especially depressed. like he has been selling jewelry his whole life and this is what it has come too, cheap crap in a cheap mall that no one goes to anymore.

as i came around the corner at the other end of the mall i came to a half sized skating rink. there were was even a few people skating. that was amazing! i would have had no idea. and i would bet it is one of the only places in Austin you can go ice skating all year round!

i sat for a bit and then noticed one of those machines where you can get a set of stickers for fifty cents. i wanted to get one for Anne for the next envelope of mail i will send to her next week.

there was one category in the machine that seemed to have all "religious" themes to each sticker. but each sticker was a take on a logo you'd be familiar with. for example one was "Lord" but in the same style and font as the "Ford" logo. or "Prayer", but made to look like the "Bayer" aspirin logo.

i put in my quarters and ended up getting probably the lamest one. mine was made to look like the "Yahoo!" logo, only instead it says "Yahweh!".

i didn't even really know what that meant so i had to look it up online..