Thursday, September 16, 2004

i lost my cord. am a bit crazy from the heat.

man. i have been in Austin over a week now.

it's been a bit frusterating as i lost the cord to my laptop and have been email-less since i got down here.

i don't consider myself a slave to technology. but man i feel disconnected with out it right now. should show up any day.

i guess i will keep this up to date and even go back and chat about our travels once i get settled.

in any case it is wicked hot in Texas. 90 degrees on average!!

i have been roaming around, getting lost often and for some reason am obessed with this book i got, the autobiography of Motley Crue, "Dirt". good trashy stories that i am not surprised are mostly true, no doubt. it has kept me indoors in Anne's air condition pad hanging with her kitties.

life should get more interesting down here once i figure out my way around and meet some more people..

this weekend is the Austin City Limits Fest! i get to see the Pixies! it is like high school all over again!!


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